The importance of keeping Shabbat

People who live in religious ways are well aware of the importance of observing the Sabbath and the great mitzvah. On the other hand, secular people are not always aware of the supreme importance of observing the Sabbath, and sometimes they have not observed Shabbat at all – not once in their lives. If you are also interested in keeping the Sabbath, know that the day of rest a week and the observance of the mitzvah can only do you right!

You never kept Shabbat? Here’s how to start:

For those who adhere to the secular way of life, observing Shabbat seen as an impossible task. Indeed, for people who have gotten used to spending their Shabbat on long trips and watching television, this is a sharp transition to adapt to. Therefore many times the recommendation is to begin the observance of the Sabbath gradually when every week you will re-adapt yourself to a new habit and other mitzvah related to the Sabbath. Another possibility is to give yourself a chance to keep Shabbat as required for a few weeks when you can feel for yourself that from time to time the mitzvah becomes easier.

Timeout from the fast pace of life:

The modern pace of life is a very hectic pace, which often creates stress and tension in people. What happens many times is that Saturday, which is supposed to be the day of rest, continues to be a day of work without any sense of getting out of the routine. If this is not enough, there are also those who continue to work on Shabbat from the computer in their home, or in other jobs in businesses that operate on Shabbat. While you observe Shabbat, you gather, cleanse the soul, neutralize the pressures and take a break from the modern rhythm of life that can sometimes be very exhausting.

Real leisure with your family:

There are often parents who feel that they are not good enough parents for their children. The reason? The various technological devices: from television, through the computer to the smart device, which often given greater attention. When you keep Shabbat, you will not have access to these electrical appliances, so you can devote real time to your child and enjoy the whole family experience. There is no price for such quality time with your loved ones, even if you define yourself as addicted to the smart device. Throughout the Shabbat, you can share experiences from last week with you, play with your child, spend time with them in the garden adjacent to the house and the like.

The age of the mitzvah is an excellent age to start:

Many children who are going to celebrate a bar mitzvah are interested in getting closer to Judaism. Many times the question arises when is the best time to begin observing Shabbat. The answer will not surprise you – but it is now! As long as you keep the Shabbat alive, you can tell your child how much the Sabbath observance is of its nature with the soul and body, and how much the mitzvah gives fuel for the rest of the week. Children of 13, who have lived in the secular way of life, feel that the event of the mitzvah is what brings them closer to tradition and Judaism, and this is indeed a wonderful age to experience in Shabbat observance.

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