8 Things a Jewish Groom must prepare for himself

The wedding day is a very stressful day, whether the event is held at noon or in the evening. It is a stressful day for many reasons, some of which are self-evident. After all, there is no second chance, such a day held only once, and if you do not do everything right, you do not organize things correctly, then things can go wrong. It is also a stressful day because of the size of the event, the fact that they stand there in front of family, friends, acquaintances, the excitement is great, the adrenalin flows.

In other words, it is a day that can not be allowed to lead, it is impossible to do things without intention or preparation. Everything needs to be prepared and organized. Whether it is a groom’s suit or whether it is something much less significant and significant. Everything should be ready, a few days earlier or at least the day before.

In this article we will review 8 things that every groom needs to prepare in advance of the wedding, 8 items to be sure that on the wedding day, the moment he leaves the house, all he has to do is take them from the chair or the dresser, and that is all. If it was easier for him to remember, he could hang the list on the door or ask his best friend to remind him what they were, but he would not forget to take them.

Before we begin, it is important to say that we are dealing with eight things that a groom has to prepare for himself, not because the bride does not have things to prepare for herself, but because many times tend to forget that the groom also has things to bring to the wedding. Apart from himself, the groom’s suit and the ring.

Eight things every bridegroom should bring to a wedding

Groom’s suit – Some grooms come out of the house with a groom’s suit to pick up their bride, but some grooms come out in more comfortable clothes and only before the pictures before or before the wedding can they change the suit. So you should not forget it. Of course, it recommended that she be wrapped in plastic that will not get dirty and hangs on a device, so she does not fold.

Tallit – Each groom has a prayer shawl with which he wants to marry, whether it is his prayer shawl or whether this tallit has a special significance and history in the family. It is recommended to prepare the prayer shawl in advance, if you are uncomfortable taking it with you, make sure that one of the family members will bring it to the hall.

Glass for breakage – You can count on the place where you get married to have a cup to break, but you can arrange for themselves a glass that you can bring with you and break at the peak.

Ring – the most important thing. Do not forget to bring the ring with which you will sanctify the bride. If you are afraid to forget, ask a close relative or friend to bring it to you.

A handkerchief – you do not know what you will feel on the day of the event, at its peak moments. Make sure you have a handkerchief, whether it’s wiping your tears or wiping your sweat. It’s always good to have one handkerchief in your pocket.

Headache pills and a bottle of water – A wedding day can be very stressful. In order to handle the situation correctly, you should have several headache pills and a bottle of cold water. Whether it feels bad because of the pressure because if you feel uncomfortable because of the weather, it is good that you have the means to use it.

External Accessories – Do you organize a lunch event? Do not forget to use a hat and sunglasses. It’s your wedding day; there’s no reason for you to have to deal with the sun. If you wear glasses, do not forget to bring them with you to the event.

A bag with changing clothes – just after the ceremony is over, you can go to change clothes, and start shaking hands. You do not have to stay with a groom’s suit until the end of the event, you can drop it and dance with more comfortable clothes.

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