He kept the Tzitzis – And the Tzitzit kept him (a story)

The mitzvah of tzitzit may seem simple to the common man, but it is not. On the commandment of the tzitzis, Rashi says: Tzitzit is equivalent to all the commandments. The reason for this is that the tzitzit reminds the Jewish person of the commandments of the name, and the Jewish person does not sin as a result.

A story about a Jew who survived harsh transgressions because he kept the mitzvah of tzitzit

The sages bring a story about a Jew who sinned in every possible sin in the world, that Jew would go to any possible prostitute in the world and would sin in every sin in the world. After hearing about a prostitute who was considered the most beautiful prostitute in the world, he went to Rome.

There, he entered her after paying her a handsome sum, and after he began taking off his shirt, he suddenly noticed his Tallit Katan, which he kept. He understood where he belonged and fear of heaven entered him and decided to do a complete Teshuvah. He did Teshuvah and ran away from that prostitute.

He kept the Tzitzis – And the Tzitzit kept him

The same person returned to the Land of Israel and did teshuva, learned Torah and began to observe mitzvot properly, as lightly as in the grave. From the shock of the deed, that gentile whore saw the devotion of that Jew and decided to convert and do Teshuvah, and she also came to the Land of Israel. Where they met and decided to get married.

The message from this story is that the mitzvah of tzitzit is a commandment that instills in God awe and helps him even in the most difficult moments not to fall into the advice of the Yetzer Hara.

The mitzvah of Tzitzit is mentioned in holy books as a commandment that protects man from harm and sin. There are shocking stories from Israel’s wars about people who wore a tzitzit and were exploited in various ways by the Tzitzit.

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