Kosher Kitchen – How to Design a Kosher Kitchen

A kosher and successful kitchen is, first of all, a smart kitchen, a kitchen that is based on a variety of needs and stands under a series of constraints, all without appearing different, overloaded or exaggerated. So how do you design a kosher kitchen? There are several useful tips, but first one must understand that a kosher kitchen of one person does not have to be identical to that of a second person because apart from the design preferences, each person also has a slightly different emphasis. And regarding personal stresses (e.g., a desire to raise the marble surface). Therefore, even if you are going to be assisted by an interior designer or a kitchen company consultant, you first have to meet – to understand what is right for you.

List of needs

Today, quality kitchen companies know how to provide an accurate answer for those who wish to establish a kosher kitchen. Why is this an element that can be flaunted? Since a kosher kitchen often needs to know to contain two sinks, a dedicated cupboard for Pesach utensils, two ovens, two work surfaces, two drawers to the sum, two storage cabinets for plates (dairy and meat) and the like. Therefore, a kitchen that succeeds in fulfilling all this without being much larger than a regular kitchen is undoubtedly a kitchen that uses advanced storage options and behind which there is quite a bit of sense.

What about cleanliness?

As is well known, cleaning the kitchen on Pesach is not a small project for the traditional family, and therefore one must make sure that the materiality of the kitchen makes the task easier. Consequently, you should choose a marble surface that does not absorb stains and is clean with cleaning materials, easy to clean, materials and finishing levels that do not allow crumbs to hide. You must build shelves that allow for easy retrieval and assembly. Choose bright colors that can distinguish the stain of food, Cleaning and so on. This means that when cleaning the kitchen before Passover is on the agenda, make sure in advance that the essence of the kitchen will make life as comfortable as possible.

Kosher wood stain should be used in a kosher kitchen.

If a person wants to build a kosher kitchen out of wood, one should pay attention that the wood stain will be edible, and following the fact that the wood stain is edible, one should note that it will also be kosher. Some manufacturers coat the wood with lard or non-kosher ingredients. In a kosher kitchen, care must be taken that the wood coating is made of kosher material.

Need a double sink?

Quite a few people ask for a kosher kitchen, but at the same time, they want to make do with a relatively small kitchen. What to do? Open your head and think outside the box. For example, you can save the space of the double sink and make do with a single sink, whether by preparing the sink between a meat meal and dairy or by washing dishes in cold water. A double purchase of an oven should be reexamined, because even a stove can easily be trained between meat and milk, as long as one does not remember to cook at the last second.

Preparing for Shabbat

Along with double sets of utensils, one must take into account that on Shabbat the custom is to place a plate and a container on the counter. Therefore, if it is essential for the kitchen to remain orderly even on the most important day of the week, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance – a suitable corner should be designated for the Shabbat to be utilized appropriately.

Design in favor of orientation

Finally, we will come up with a design tip: using material and locations you can help both home and guests understand where everything is and distinguish between dairy and meat dishes. How? By using sides, shapes, colors, and texture.

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