The tzitzit is reminiscent of the throne of glory

The mitzvah of tzitzit is one of the most important mitzvot, and for this reason, the sages say that it is equivalent to all the commandments.

Maimonides says that whoever has a tzitzit in his garment, and tefillin in his head and a mezuza in his doorway, is almost impossible to sin, and why is there virtually no chance that he will sin? The reason why the Tzitzit command prevents a person from being ritually cleansed is that the person sees it and remembers Hashem.

Rabbi Meir in the Gemara says, Why do we have the commandment of tzitzit with techeiles? Against the fact that it resembles the sea, and the sea is reminiscent of the sky, and the sky is reminiscent of the throne of glory.

The commandment of the tzitzis consists of two parts: a small tzitzis and a talit gadol. A small tzitzit is a garment that is worn on the body, and a large prayer shawl is a garment that is usually worn during prayer. Ashkenazim wear them while they get married and Sephardim wear it when they become a bar mitzvah, some even before without a blessing.

Tzitzit is so important and expensive that the Holy Zohar in Tikun HaZohar speaks of the mitzvah of tzitzit as a shield.

The Holy Zohar mentions the mitzvah of tzitzit as a shield and the mitzvah of Tefillin as a sword against the pests, which want to prevent our prayers from being accepted. Therefore, it is essential for a person to wear tzitzis and tefillin when he prays, and then his prayer is more easily accepted.

Therefore, it is imperative to pay attention to the mitzvot and to pay attention to the prayer shawl and tzitzit that are kosher and to try to check it every day.

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