Why do we light Shabbat candles?

One of the special commandments, which for many generations has been maintained by every Jewish family, even if it has a traditional connection, is the mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles.

This mitzvah dates back to the days of Moses, and it has passed from generation to generation, as Chazal taught us: “Kabbalah was for Israel from the days of Moshe Rabbeinu to light the candles for the Sabbath.” (Pesikta Zutta)

The importance of strict observance of this mitzva can also be seen from the words of the Shulchan Aruch, which states: “Even if he has nothing to eat, he will ask for charity and take oil and light the candle.”

In the Mishnah in tractate Shabbat, we learn: “For three sins women die while they are giving birth, for they are not careful in niddah, in Chalah, and in lighting the candle.”

The explanation of the mitzvah, written by the Chafetz Chaim in his book Mishna Berurah: “The main purpose of lighting the candle is obligatory because it is matzah – The pleasure of Shabbat. “

In addition to the Sabbath’s pleasure in lighting candles, this also includes the observance of Shabbat, and as Yalkut Shimoni says: “Her candles are her honor.” (Parashat Behaalotcha)

The Rambam states: “And there shall be a burning candle, and a table set for eating, and a clean bed, all of which are in honor of the Sabbath.”

The Talmud explains that in the Shabbat Tractate (page 25b), the verse “And you shall forsake the peace of my soul” speaks of lighting a candle on Shabbat, and Rashi explains that “where there is no candle, there is no peace, Which goes and fails, and goes in darkness. “

The most important virtue: by lighting Shabbat candles, we will merit redemption. As the Sages said: “If you observe Shabbat candles, I show you the candles of Zion … thanks to the candles that they light on Shabbat.”

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