It is on every doorpost, some of us do not even notice it, some of us kiss it religiously, but many of us do not even know what is inside it and what it is meant for.

The Mezuzah is made of parchment, inscribed in special ink and handwritten by a scribe, and contains two central passages in the Torah: the first parasha, “Shema Yisrael Hashem Elkino Hashem is One” and the second, “And if you hear, you will listen to My commandments” The parchment is rolled into a “Mezuzah”, which is placed on the doorpost.

Mezuzah plays an important role in protecting the home. The mezuzah protects the house, and also helps us to protect us from diseases and bad things that lurk for us. It is important to check the mezuzah every few years, in order to see that the verses or letters inside the parchment are not invalidated. The installation of a mezuzah is obligatory in every Jewish house, as well as in businesses and offices, etc. It should be placed at the entrance to the house and in every room in the house.

Why is it important to put a mezuzah in every room in the house?

The importance of the Mezuzah is extremely powerful. The mezuzah protects us from bad things that will happen to us, and protects every room in our house. It is important to check the parchment inside the mezuzah every few years, to see that it is indeed proper and that no verses have been erased. Improper mezuzah can cause illness, quarrels, and various troubles. Only a proper mezuzah protects us.

Shema Israel, Hashem is our god, hashem is one!

This statement, which we say every day and night, contains within it the basic meaning of ‘being Jewish’: to instill throughout the entire day and in everything with which we come into contact the unity of the Creator.

These words were commanded by the Lord: “And you shall write about the mezuzot of your house and your gates” (Devarim 6: 9). Thus, the mezuzah – a parchment made of pure animal skin written by a scribe on the doorpost of the right-hand opening in every room in the houses of Israel.

In addition to the role of mezuzah to remind us of our unique role as Jews and our faith in the Creator of the world, the Mezuzah also symbolizes God’s providence and protection over the houses of Israel and the exiles within them.

On the reverse side of the mezuzah, the author writes the name SHDY (one of the names of the Holy One, blessed be He). In which the words are also hinted: He keeps the doors of Israel.

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