The mitzvah of lighting Shabbat candles

How long should Shabbat candles be lit, can Shabbat candles be lit by wax candles, where are the Shabbat candles placed?

The place where the candles are lit should be in the place where the Sabbath meals are eaten and where they eat, where atonement on Shabbat is to eat in the place where the candles are lit, but if they are allowed to eat in the courtyard from the pleasant air and the like, But if she lights the candles in a place that is not used, she does not fulfill the obligation to light candles.

On the part of the law, the obligation to light the candles is done by candles that are sufficient to light up until the time of the Sabbath meal so that they can eat and enjoy their light, but it is preferable to light a candle of oil.

A woman who lights Shabbat candles should light most of the wick that comes out of the candle so that immediately after she removes her hand, the flame will be as good as lighting the Temple lamp. 

It is very important that before lighting Shabbat candles, turn off the electric light and return to lighting after lighting Shabbat candles, and at the time of the blessing it will also exempt the electric light that will light after the lighting of the candles. If a holiday occurs on Friday and therefore can not turn off the electricity, The light for the time of lighting the candles, or to light the room used to use it and there is no light there. 
Therefore, if the electric light is on before the lighting, it is found that the candles are only a light addition and should not be blessed, and even according to the Rama, who believes that it is possible to bless the addition of light, Electricity usually illuminates the entire house. It seems that the lighting of the candles is not even a “light addition,” and therefore lighting the candles will turn off the electric light.
There are those who are not careful in this law, because it is believed that only if a candle has already been lit in honor of Shabbat, the second candle is an additional light, but since the electric light that was lit in the house was not lit for Shabbat. 

When a woman who before the fire lit bread, she promised to recite Birkat Hamazon and not Brachah, and after lighting the Shabbat candles, she remembered that she had not yet recited Birkat Hamazon. 

Even a woman who is blind and does not see will bless and light Shabbat candles, as Chazal said that even the somma blesses the Creator of the Lights by enjoying the light by seeing others and straightening his way not to fail in wood and stone. That he bless and light the candles, and if the husband wants his blind wife to bless her in order to cause her joy and satisfaction, she may bless.

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