Is it hard for you to keep Shabbat?

Many people want to keep Shabbos, but find it difficult to actually implement their decision. They understand how important the Sabbath is, and know how much the Holy One, blessed be He, wants us all to keep Shabbat, but when the time comes and Shabbat comes in, they can not disengage from the smartphone or refrain from extinguishing the light that hinders them from falling asleep at night.

So let’s sort things out.

Many people who have repented and went through the process you are dealing with, say they started with the Slami Method. First we observe that the Sabbath should not be desecrated during the first two hours after Shabbat. After four hours, we observe Shabbat until we go to sleep at night, and in the next stages we add parts of the day until the end of Shabbat, without doing forbidden work throughout the Shabbat.
Another solution, for those who can, is to stay in a place where everyone observes Shabbat. When you are alone at home and the rest of the family desecrates the Sabbath, it is hard for you to get used to keeping Shabbat in such an environment, especially if you are a young boy.

But if you stay at the home of a Sabbath-observant family, or you do Shabbat at a yeshiva for newly observant Jews, you will discover that Shabbat can be magical and special, even if you do not correspond with friends in Watsap.

To register to sit in the yeshiva, you can contact the rabbis of Ahino on telephone 1800-20-18-19 (israel), and they will be happy to help you find a place to stay on Shabbat near your place of residence.

It should also be remembered that hundreds of thousands of Jews all over the world observe Shabbat every week, and feel no difficulty in doing so. On the contrary, they wait for the arrival of the Sabbath and happily accept it. They become addicted to her and enjoy every moment that my daughter goes through them.

Why? Because the Sabbath is rest for the body and heals the soul. It purifies the person, elevates him and puts him into another atmosphere. taller.

Keeping Shabbat is not difficult. It’s nice and pleasant. The difficulty is getting used to it. After a period of several Sabbaths during which you will completely refrain from desecrating the Sabbath, you will find that you are already waiting for the next Shabbos and happy to keep it.

Finally, the most important thing is to remember why you want to keep Shabbat – because that is the will of the Creator of the Universe. If you turn your will against his will, and prove that what he wants is more important to you than what you yourself want, he, too, will behave with you as well, and respect your desires in all areas.

If you remember that Shabbat is our way of proving to God how much we love Him and are committed to Him, it will be easier for you to overcome the temptation and to overcome the challenge.

pleasure is guaranteed!


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