How can I feel the sanctity of Shabbat?

They say that Shabbat is a holy day, how will I be able to feel the sanctity of Shabbat?

Peace be upon you, with the help of God, we will give you some advice to help us feel more the sanctity of Shabbat:

A. To learn the laws of Shabbat and to keep Shabbat as it is.

B. Learn about the essence of Shabbat and its significance.

C. Watch the weekdays for the coming of the Sabbath.

D. On Friday evening, to prepare for the Sabbath, with the intention that the Holy Shechina will soon come to us (which is the “bride” to which we refer to the verse “Lecha Dodi”) and we are now doing things in honor of the Divine Presence and in honor of this great and holy day. When preparing for Shabbat, it is interesting to say that this is done “in honor of the holy Shabbat.”

E. To say the order of “Kabbalat Shabbat” with great joy that Shabbat is once again coming to us, and we now merit to be closer to the Holy One, blessed be He.

F. To engage in Shabbat in matters of holiness: prayers, Psalms, study and reading of holy books.

G. For men, it is best to immerse yourself in the mikvah on Friday evening, and to purify the soul and receive the holiness of Shabbat.

By: Rabbi Yaakov Stier


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