Tzitzit Definition: Threads that connect with the mitzvot of the Torah in the corners of a garment with four wings.

According to Halakha, only men’s clothing must be tzitzit, and anyone who does not wear such a garment is not obligated to observe the mitzva. It is customary to observe the mitzva during prayer by wrapping it in a prayer shawl, and many customarily wear tzitzis throughout the day in a special garment called “tallit katan” or “arba kanfot”. Some people wear the little prayer shawl over the rest of the clothes or remove the tzitzit themselves from the clothes. In each of the four corners of the garment, four threads are threaded through a perforation, so that from each corner eight wires come out. The thread is made up of unique ties in their numbers, and through their binding they symbolize various intentions that are detailed in the halakhic and midrashic books.

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