Kosher Definition: A system of laws and customs that determines what is permitted and what is forbidden to eat according to Jewish law.

The laws of kashrut derive from the mitzvot written in the Torah and interpretations and reservations of the words of the sages. They can be divided into two main parts: the first part relates to the type of meat and its preparation, and the second part relates to the prohibition on mixing meat and milk. As far as kashrut laws are concerned, everything that comes from the plant is permitted to be eaten, with only laws such as foreskin and the provision of donations and tithes limiting the eating of fruits and vegetables under certain conditions. In meat, fish, and poultry, there were indications in the Torah that only a certain dish was kosher or not.

Also, a non-kosher dish is a dish containing something forbidden from the Torah in eating or enjoying, always or at a certain time, such as chametz on Passover, blood or the tendon of the niche.

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