Trip To Israel – 26 Places that Every Tourist Must See in Israel

There are many countries to explore this 2019. In Iceland, you can find the Blue Lagoon. In Peru, you can experience the Machu Picchu. In England, you can witness the Stonehenge. In Brazil, you can explore the Christ the Redeemer.

But wait, there’s more! Israel is the place of wonderful nature and religious sites. There are also lots of attractions that most travelers include in their bucket lists.

Here are the top places you must see in the Holy Land:


Masada is a famous mountaintop fortress in the Israeli desert. It has been known as the last holdout for Jewish revolt members against the Roman Empire.

Instead of surrendering, they took their own lives after a lengthy siege.

Over the years, this mountaintop fortress has created a buzz in different parts of the globe. Although it has been associated with a terrible history, travelers consider it a top destination. It’s best to explore Masada as you wake up in the morning to witness the fascinating sunshine. It’s also a good hiking location for people who love adventurous activities. Make sure to encourage your friends and colleagues for this ultimate hiking experience.

The Sea of Galilee

The Sea of Galilee
The Sea of Galilee

Commonly known as the Sea of Galilee, Lake Kinneret is the site where people believe that Jesus has walked on water.

A picturesque lake set among hills in the northern part of Israeli, the Sea of Galilee serves as one of the lowest-lying bodies of water in the country.

The freshwater sea measures around 21km long and 13km in width. Its maximum depth is around 43 meters.

Over the years, the Sea of Galilee has served as Israel’s main water reservoir.

As a holy land site, Lake Kinneret has become a favorite attraction for many tourists. When planning to achieve a unique and memorable escapade, the Sea of Galilee is a must-see historical place in Israel.

Ein Gedi

Ein Gedi
Ein Gedi

Israel has a large number of hiking spots to choose from.

Narrowing your options can be a challenge. Ein Gedi is a premier hiking location that can match your needs.

Aside from the intensity, Ein Gedi features spectacular beauty, botanical gardens, and a variety of landscapes.

It is where you can find the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. It is a beautiful place in the country you cannot afford to miss.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is a place of different hiking trails. Each is perfect to experienced hikers and family groups.

When searching for the most popular trails, you can find them thru Wadi David.

To have some fun and memorable experience, explore the Ein Gedi with your family, relatives, and friends!  

Israel’s Museum

Established as Israel’s national museum, it is now known as the Israel Museum. Located on a hill in the Givat Ram, Israel’s Museum is adjacent to the Knesset, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Bible Lands Museum.

Israel’s Museum has unique objects to know. These include the Zedek ve-Shalom synagogue, Venus of Berekhat Ram, necklaces by Jewish brides in Yemen, a mosaic prayer niche, and many more.

Israel’s Museum is where to find the Shrine of the Book. This houses some artifacts and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

When planning to have an informational escapade, the museum is a great start. As one of the largest museums in the city, Israel’s Museum has many things to offer! 

Mount Zion

As the highest point in Jerusalem, Mount Zion is the large hill of the Old City’s Armenian Quarter.

Also known as Sion, Mount Zion has a metaphoric symbol for the Promised Land and the whole city.

As with the Jordan River, there are significant events that took place on Mount Zion. One is the Last Supper of Jesus with his disciples.

Another event is the appearance of Jesus before Caiaphas. People believed it had happened on the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu.

Other events are the falling asleep of the Virgin Mary and the Council of Jerusalem.

Travel to Mount Zion to unwind and relax! Not only will this future escapade help strengthen your Faith in God, but it will also lead to a memorable experience.

Yad Vashem

Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem

Israel is a beautiful country with many things to offer to domestic and foreign travelers.

From crystal clear beaches, amazing mountains, desert scenery to holy sites, Israel has them all.

But for traditional religious sites, Yad Vashem can be a meaningful bucket list for people of all ages.

Yad Vashem is the national Holocaust memorial museum in Israel. Situated next to Mount Herzl, Yad Vashem memorializes millions of Jews in Europe during the Holocaust.

Recently, Yad Vashem becomes the second most visited site in the country. When planning to explore Israel, Yad Vashem is one of the places you should see. As you understand the history of the Holocaust, you can understand the State of Israel easily.



One of the most affluent communities in Israel, Caesarea is a top 2019 destination for domestic and international travelers.

Caesarea is where to find a national park that provides the most exciting and picturesque ruins in the country. Established by Herod the Great, the remains of the Caesarea Maritima port city have a lot of things to offer.

You can see ruins of a hippodrome, a temple, an aqueduct, and a collection of Crusader-era fortifications. Whether you travel to have some fun or learn about different cultures, Caesarea is good to go.

It also provides an impressive view of the old harbour. This was once considered the largest on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean. To save some cash for your future escapade, explore Caesarea with some of your friends. 

Mahane Yehuda Market

Mahane Yehuda Market
Mahane Yehuda Market

Planning to explore Israel this 2019? Then, it’s a bright idea you can make!

Whether you want to know different cultures or widen perspective, exploring the Mahane Yehuda market is a great start.

Commonly known as shuk, the Mahane Yehuda market is the largest market in Jerusalem. From a limited number of vendors, it now has approximately 250 vendors that sell a variety of produce. From fresh fruits, organic vegetables to other specialty foods, it’s a one-stop market to visit.

Set between Jaffa and Aggripas Street, Mahane Yehuda Market has two main aisles and a range of walkways inside. It has also been popular because of the sights, smells, and sounds. All of these elements will give you an intense and remarkable sensory experience.

Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra
Rosh Hanikra

After remembering the millions of Jews who died during the Holocaust, Rosh Hanikra should be your next destination.

Located at the farthest point North on Israel’s Mediterranean Coastline in Western Galilee, Rosh Hanikra is where to find fascinating grottoes and caves. The carved formations and light formations are what make this place one of the top choices for any travelers.

But before you can reach the incredible formations, a cable car ride is exciting and fun. While it only lasts a few minutes, it can be an exhilarating ride. You can’t help but feel more eager to witness the rocks in the caves and the crystal clear water.

There’s also a simple audio-visual presentation about the place. Plus, there are restaurants and other tourist facilities.

Eilat Dolphin Reef

Eilat Dolphin Reef

Have you ever dreamt of a close swimming encounter with dolphins? Then, the Dolphin Reef in Israel should be one of your bucket lists.

Located in Eilat, the Dolphin Reef offers a unique and magical opportunity for travelers to observe and swim alongside nature’s magnificent sea creatures.

Along with the number of reefs around the globe, this one has a good place in many traveler’s hearts.

The dolphin reef is a home to an array of beautiful coral, tropical fish, and bottle-nosed dolphins.

Established two decades ago, this reef has been bringing humans closer to sea animals respectfully and sensitively.

What’s interesting about this reef is that the dolphins live in a natural habitat and have access to the open sea.

The Biblical Zoo

The Biblical Zoo
The Biblical Zoo

When in search of a family destination and a tourist attraction, the Biblical Zoo has got your back.

Covering over 62 acres of beautiful terrain in the southern part of Jerusalem, Biblical Zoo has a multitude of animals to witness.

Packed with a wide human-made lake with waterfalls and tide pools, the Biblical Zoo has shaded beauty spots and spacious lawns.

It also includes a wildlife savannah with a variety of animals. There’s also a visitor’s train that offers comfy and quality transportation throughout the zoo.

Here, there are more than a hundred species. From birds, lions, tigers, giraffes to other animals, there’s a diverse wildlife in the zoo. 

The Tomb of King David

Another sacred site for the Jews is the Tomb of King David. However, there’s no certainty that it’s the burial site of King David.

According to the Bible, King David was buried in the city of David. It is primarily situated at the foot of the Temple Mount.

Based on that, kings were buried in the Garden of Uzza. However, that location was still not identified up to this day.

At present, the Tomb of King David is visited by Jews. It is also run in a synagogue model.

When it comes to the tombstone, it can be found in the interior room. There are also entrances for both men and women. At its center, a tomb is covered by a cloth. 

Miron Mountain

When yearning for an easy and adventurous hike, Miron Mountain will probably lead to a great walk.

Whether you have been working all year long and are stressed with your job, Miron Mountain is the place to unwind. There’s a variety of flowers and other fantastic attractions that are perfect for your mind, body, and soul.

Since the Miron Mountain is more than a thousand meters above sea level, it is packed with animals and plants.

During the fall, sternbergia flowers are highly visible. In later winter and spring, there are red and delicate pink anemones. You will also be mesmerized with the oak trees and arbutus. Plus, you will witness a treading floor and wine press.



Located in the Upper Galilee, Zefat embodies quirkiness and great charm that catch traveler’s interest and attention.

Zefat is also the home of a growing number of artists and venerable ancient synagogues. For those who want to have a first-hand experience with some of Israeli’s artworks, this place is worth your time.

Aside from that, you can explore the old city of Safed, Olive Tree Fine Art Gallery, Nimrod’s Lookout, Bat Ya’ar Ranch, the Abouhav Winery, and Biriya Forest to name a few.

To intensify your excitement, explore Zefat with a special someone, family member, or friends.

Or when traveling alone Zefat, seek assistance from a trusted tour guide. While it might add some costs, hiring a qualified professional can be money-saving in the long run.

Western Wall

Western Wall
Western Wall

Called as the Wailing Wall, the western wall is considered as the most religious site in the world, especially for the Jewish people.

Situated in the Old City of Jerusalem, the western wall is a support wall of the Temple Mount.

Every year, thousands of travelers go to the wall to recite prayers, which are either written down or spoken. Sometimes, people place their written prayers in the cracks of the wall.

As with other religious sites in the world, Western Wall is open to people from different parts of the world. It’s typically the location of bar mitzvahs, military inductions, and other ceremonies. It’s also free all year round.

But women and men should observe proper dress code to pray at the wall. 



Have you visited Singapore, UAE, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Asian countries? Then, you’re not done yet! Israel should be your next destination this year.

But where to begin? Jerusalem, the capital city, is a great start.

Still, the beautiful city is a big place to explore. Don’t worry! The Knesset should be on top of your list. Whether you travel for fun or fulfillment, The Knesset is the place to find spectacular views across the city.

Other options can include the Tower of David, The Night Spectacular, and more.

To have a smooth and stress-free escapade, rely on a professional tour guide.

Zedekiah’s Cave

Another rock formation to witness is the Zedekiah’s Cave. Discovered more than 150 years ago, Zedekiah’s cave remains shrouded in mystery.

The truth is that there are impressive rock formations.  There’s a large number of birds that can complete your escapade. There are also light formations, making this cave fascinating.

Before, it was hard to explore this hidden gem in Israel. But after years of innovation, it has become a tourist destination domestically and internationally.

Another thing that travelers love about the place is the extreme humidity. People find it fulfilling.

After a few hours of hiking, finish your escapade at Zedekiah’s Cave. Then, go to a fine dining restaurant near the place. 

Mount of Olives

Mount of Olives
Mount of Olives

Named after the olive trees, Mount of Olives is situated on the eastern part of the Jerusalem Mountains.

When on an adventure to Israel, Mount of Olives is a must-see destination. It provides a few of great attractions, chapels, and monasteries. Each is also breathtaking.

At the foot of the mountain, travelers can experience the Garden of Gethsemane. It is a beautifully maintained garden for more than 2000 years.

Aside from the garden of beauty, it has a big significance to Christians. It was there where Christ prayed before God for the last time before Judas’ betrayal.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv

Israel has many fascinating cities to explore this 2019. Tel Aviv is a great start.

Aside from being a vibrant city across the globe, Tel Aviv is titled as the Mediterranean Capital of Cool by the New York Times.

Tel Aviv is also a home to sandy Mediterranean beaches, world-class nightlife, incredible food, a buzzing cultural scene, and recognizable architecture. All of these elements make the city one of the top destinations in Israel.

When you want to be inspired by a world-class sunset, the beach promenade will be your best shot. You can also try Neve Tzedek, Rabin Square, Jaffa’s Old City and Port, Tel Aviv Port, the Great Synagogue, HaBima Square, White City Walking Tour, and more.

Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron

Also called as the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the Cave of the Patriarchs is known as Cave of Machpelah.

Located in the old city of Hebron in West Bank, it is a series of caves. Abraham bought it as a burial plot based on Abrahamic religions.

The Tomb of Samuel the Prophet

The Tomb of Samuel the Prophet lies to the northern part of Jerusalem. Constructed on the heights, it’s considered a sentinel that overlooks the city, the desert, and beyond.

For a thousand years, it has been protecting the city.

For centuries, the tomb of Samuel the Prophet has seen a range of armies fought, and pilgrims gathered.

It also has a mosque, a small synagogue, and more.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea
Dead Sea

As the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea is surrounded by the majestic landscape of the Negev Desert.

While the Dead Sea is the lowest place of the earth, its saline water is super salty.

As the name suggests, there are no sea creatures in the sea because of the sodium content.

Because of the salty water, the Dead Sea is believed to have effective healing properties. What makes it interesting among travelers is that one can float naturally.

Aside from the water itself, the mud is found to help reinvigorate the skin. Take a splash in the water and take advantage of its high-grade mud.

With a few minutes of experience in the Dead Sea, you can find a huge difference.

Old Acre

Old Acre
Old Acre

As one of the most exceptional locations in Israel, Old Acre is no wonder why it becomes a true seaside city. Surrounded by ancient stone walls, it has become a home to a variety of historical and culinary treasures. Unlike other places in the country, it exudes a sublime atmosphere that every traveler shouldn’t miss for a 2019 escapade.

Old Acre is where to take a peek at the practices of the Crusaders before. Its ancient walls make the old city unique and captivating. Not only that, you can visit the Acre Port to unwind. From fresh sea air to astonishing attractions, the acre port has also become a hub of maritime activity. There are also great restaurants on the seaside cliffs to eat delicious food.

Mount Hermon

Looking for an impressive hiking experience? Don’t look further than Mount Hermon.

As the highest point in Israel, Mount Hermon is an inviting place to explore this 2019.

While hiking, you will witness magnificent views you won’t forget. From the fresh air, birds’ sounds, to structures, you won’t regret making it your next travel destination

Summer visitors can enter the location for free. They can also take part in free tours led by experienced guides from the Nature Reserves Authority. You can even take a jeep tour with the quality service from Safari Hahermon.

Mount Hermon has also been creating noise because of its attractive slopes. Aside from the intense hiking, all your sweats and efforts will be worth it when you see some of the attractions.  

Jordan River

Jordan River
Jordan River

Known as the place where Jesus and John the Baptist were baptized, Jordan River is possibly the most sacred body of water in Israel. 

Today, its second segment is typically used for baptisms. Over the years, this draws a large number of pilgrims.

When planning to explore the holy land, visit this sacred landmark. Then, don’t forget to take a jar to draw water from the river.

When it comes to recreation, Jordan River has lots of adventurous activities. One of those is water sports. This is the reason why it catches interest and attention from many.

Recently, yachting clubs, boathouses, and a romantic kayak ride have been available. Make sure to give any of these water sports a try before going home.

Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater
Ramon Crater

Situated in Israel’s Negev Desert, Ramon Crater is the largest makhtesh.

A makhtesh is considered a large erosion cirque which was created approximately 220 million years ago.

The Ramon crater measures about 40km in length and 10km in width. What many people love about it is that it is shaped like a long heart. Plus, it forms the largest national park in the country – Ramon Nature Reserve.

To witness the gateway to the makhtesh, the visitors center will be your best shot. As you ascend the ramp thru the center, displays of the geography, flora, geology, and history of the area are what to expect.

Also, there’s a breathtaking view you shouldn’t miss! Document everything from start to finish of your experience.

So, what are you waiting on? A fulfilling escapade in Israel? Plan out your 2019 travel as early as now and achieve the experience you envision!

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