Tallit is a kind of Jewish prayer shawl that has Tzitzit located on its corners. Tzitzit is a term that defines as “the strings or fringes that are attached to the tallit’s corners.” The term tzitzit is also defined as “the mini-tallit that is poncho-like,” and you can wear this every day. This tzitzit is usually worn under your shirts.

Want to know it more? Keep on reading this article. The following are the reasons on how mini-tallit works.

Tzitzit: The Tassles

big tallit
Big Tallit

Tzitzit are the strings, with different sizes, that are attached in the corners of the tallit. Tzitzit are usually made from white wool, and before they use it with the mitzvah, it must be blessed with the words of the divine intention. So if you are planning to have a new thread, keep in your mind that it is a tzitzit. In every corner of the mini-tallit, there are four strings or fringes of tzitzit that were thrust in a hole and are twisted over. By doing that, your mini-tallit will have eight strings that are hanging down.

Tzitzit: The Mini-Tallit

For the commandments of the Lord of the Jewish people to be always remembered by His people, He instructs all of His people to attach a particular string or fringes in every corner of their shirts. During that time, the only clothing of the Jewish people in their place is just an ordinary sheet of fabric, and the so-called mitzvah will be the one who will attach all the strings or fringes on its corners. And as time goes by, their taste of clothing also changed. Their ordinary sheet of fabric during the Biblical time is now substituted by the shirts, robes, trousers, and jackets as well. The question is, what is the use of tallit in their clothing? The following ways are the way of Jewish people to fulfill the mitzvah.

First, Jewish people are wearing a poncho-like a tzitzit, or tallit katan or the mini tallit, that has four corners or Arba kanfot. They considered it as the most suitable tallit which they can wear under their clothing.

And lastly, throughout the time of the Jewish prayer, the Jewish people are draping themselves in a big tallit or a tallit gadol. Until this time, this kind of way of the Jewish people on fulfilling the mitzvah always existed.

What Does A Tzitzit Mean?

man puts on tefillin

The Torah’s 613 mitzvahs are being represented physically by the five knots with eight strings of tzitzit. Every letter that you can see in the alphabet of Hebrew consist of their numerical value, or the so-called gematria. The five letters that consisted of a specific Hebrew word consist of numerical values that when adding up it will result in 600. And the tassel with five knots and eight strings will complete the total number into 613.

The tzitzit and tallit significantly work for the Jewish people so they can remember their obligations to their companions and their only one God.

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