When to Wear Tallit?

Numerous religions worship gods. For Jewish men and women, worship is not all about receiving blessings but also giving praise and thanks to God. They do this by praying. When reciting their prayers, there is also a special garment that they wear.

When to Wear Tallit
When to Wear Tallit

It is a widely known fact that Tallit is being worn by adult Jewish men during prayer services on holidays, on Shabbat or during a particular week ad that Tallit Katan is worn the entire day. Nevertheless, there are instances when Tallit is worn like a wedding or Bris.

The following is an essential overview of the main lifecycle events when Tallit is mainly worn:


While the usual Ashkenaz tradition is to not wearing Tallit during a wedding celebration; this is a widely accepted practice among the German, Yemenite and Sephardic communities. Nevertheless, numerous Ashkenazi Jews will make use of Chuppah itself. It’s also imperative to note that the only person wears a Tallit should be the groom, and it’s just for the duration of Chuppah wedding ceremonies. The Tallit is often put on the groom once he stepped under Chuppah. Based on Sephardic traditions, the groom also covers his wife with Tallit.


Since the circumcision, Bris or Brit Milah is commonly performed immediately after the morning prayer service referred to as Shacharit, this is an accepted tradition wherein the father of the baby and Mohel, the surgeon executing the Bris wear their Teffilin and Tallilot. In some particular communities, Sandak is the person holding the baby during Brit and also wears a Tallit.

Bar Mitzvah

There’s a wide range of customs concerning Tallit and Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Nevertheless, the all-encompassing custom covers a boy wearing a Tallit minimally when he reads from Torah as well as Haftara. Based on Ashkenazi tradition boys don’t start wearing Tallit regularly until the time he is married.

Therefore he will wear Tallit when he’s called to the Torah. Based on Yemenite, Sephardic and German traditions, a Bar Mitzvah boy starts to wear his tallit at a younger age, but this is his very first time wearing tallit upon making a blessing.

Other Occasions

There are more other occasions when Tallit is being worn. In numerous non-orthodox communities, a woman will start wearing Tallit right after her Bat Mitzvah in a similar way that men start, and the boys begin wearing the Tallitot after the Bat Mitzvah.  

Another event when tallit can be worn is during burial. The person who passed away is also buried in his Tallit. It needs to be noted that in a funeral, Tallilot and Tzitzit aren’t worn in a very obvious manner.

Wearing the Tzitzit at Night

Aside from the wide range of occasions when tzitzit are worn, this can also be worn at night and even during sleeping, but as a wearer, you are advised to be careful when wearing this at night.

There are certain reasons for this act or practice. There have been opinions from many different individuals expressing that a person can fulfill the mitzvah of the tzitzit at night when he wears the designated day clothing or garment. I woke up after the daylight, and one needs to fulfill the mitzvah of the tzitzit in the morning hours that have elapsed before awakening. Based on Kabbalah, tzitzit afford a certain measure of protection to the wearer even if it’s after dark.

If a person wears tzitzit at night while sleeping, it would be best to opt for the night tzitzit. But then, if one opt to wear same tzitzit pair day and night, reciting the blessing on tzitzit can be a bit challenging for the new mitzvah isn’t being performed. It’s a continuation of the mitzvah for a day beforehand.

But when putting a different pair of tzitzit during the morning, there will be no problem saying a blessing on the newest pair and new mitzvah. 

Upon learning all these, you now probably have a clearer idea not just when to wear tallit but also when to wear talit which are somehow topics that are connected. Jewish people can attest to the significance of learning about these.  More information on when to wear Tallit can be accessed online.

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