Judaism – Five Things You Need to Know about Judaism

The religion of Judaism is one of the oldest in recorded history, dating back over 3500 years. If one is not Jewish (those who practice Judaism), there are some interesting facts that you may be completely unaware of. Considering this, here are five things you need to know about Judaism.

Their Artifacts are Known as Judaica

Any artifacts that are related to Jews, related to their culture, or used in ritualistic practices are known as Judaica. These objects are typically used because Jews believe that the use of alluring items in Mitzvah (practices that are a result of commandments) is a meritorious way of abiding by commandments. There are educational locations that have Judaica in their exhibitions for the public. One such location is the Defner Judaica Museum located in New York, USA.

The Tallit

The Tallit is a hand-woven garment that is worn by Jewish males. A decree by Publius Aelius Hardianus, the 14the Roman emperor who was known as being anti-Jewish, caused the Jews to forget the laws that govern the making of a tallit. To revive these laws, the tallit gadol and the tallit katan came into being. Neither of the two items meet all the stipulations of the original laws and so there is no such thing as a kosher tallit gadol, or a kosher tallit katan. Eventually, the original laws were rediscovered through research which allowed for the making on the accepted biblical tallit.

Judaism has an Equivalent of Denominations

Christianity is known for having various denominations which practice various aspects of the same basic religion differently. In a similar manner, Judaism has what are known as sects that also vary the basic religion of Judaism. These sects include:

  • Orthodox
  • Conservative
  • Reform
  • Reconstructionist
  • Karaite
  • Humanistic
  • Neolog
  • Haymanot

There are some Jews who do not accept terms like ‘denomination’ and ‘sect’ as they believe its meaning in Christianity is not translated well to Judaism.

Judaism is Inclusive to all

The Jewish faith acknowledges and accepts those who are non-Jewish. Not only are they encouraged to become Jewish, but they are also regarded as being as important as those who are Jewish. There are even a set of guiding principles that such persons are advised to live by, which, if done as instructed, can result in their inclusion and reward in the world that is to come.

Children are regarded as adults after a ceremony.

Boys and girls in Judaism are regarded as adults at 13 and 12 years old respectively. Once this ceremony has taken place which involves a public reading of the Torah by the children, a celebration takes place to commemorate the occasion. At this point a boy is known as a son of the Commandment or “Bar Mitzvah”, while a girl is known as a daughter of the commandment or a “Bat Mitzvah”.

While these facts are interesting, they are only a subset of the many interesting concepts and prospects of the religion of Judaism to be explored.

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