Shabbat has been a part of every Jewish person’s life, as well as those whose religion lies in Judaism. This practice has become a centerpiece of the Jewish tradition. This is where they practice and explore their faith through Christ. It involves reading the scriptures and also following its commandments in order to fulfill one’s needs in terms of religion. Shabbat is pertaining to how God rested after his six days of creating heaven and earth.

In the first days of his creation, he created heaven and earth. The earth back then was gloomy, and there were clouds, and it seems that there is no light occupying it. Then he said that let there be light, and there was light. He thought that having light in the earth was good, so he had it lighted. After having light, he never gets rid of darkness, but instead, he divided the light and darkness.

On the third day of his creation, he proclaimed to have water on earth, the water was divided on water per water, and there he created rivers, seas, and swamps that help to create life on earth. Upon having water, he let the land be seen. After that, he called the land as the Earth and the water as seas. Then after having the earth, he let the plants yield. There are vegetables and fruits that come across the land.

On the fifth day, he let creatures crept in the earth and every sea monster to rule over the sea. He created birds and let them multiply for he saw that it was good. And on the sixth day, the last day of his work, there he created mankind out of dust and of his own image. He created Adam the first man to live on the masterpiece he created. He created Adam and let every creature on earth be named after him.

After the days of hard work, God rested on the seventh day. Things were becoming better, there were supplies that are needed by man to survive and for God’s works to multiply and yield.

Shabbat is also a part of the Ten Commandments where God created some rules for man to follow in order to fulfill his prophecy and promise for the greater good which is in heaven. Thus, the Shabbat is being commemorated to give importance to the creation of God which was done for six days. And this is also used to pamper the Jewish nation after a long time of slavery from other European countries back then. This is being practiced from then until now.

Why is Shabbat Special?

Shabbat is like a very special occasion where people dress up to their finest. They use this day to give themselves body scrubbing and other pampering treatments and procedure to their selves in order to look good during this occasion. The Shabbat is being practiced on Friday nights that’s why the people of the city get ready for their look in the afternoon. It is stated that during Shabbat, the people who are celebrating it gets a special addition for their soul and they are made holy.

The Shabbat day is made to be holy because this is the day we feast after the six hard working days of being the world, this is the day where we come to enjoy and relax ourselves. That includes not working during this day but only to enjoy and pamper throughout the Shabbat day. This has become a regular practice for the people of Israel and anyone who are celebrating Shabbat.

The Things to Do During Shabbat

During Shabbat, other than enjoying, there are certain things to follow. Down below are the things needed to be done during the Shabbat celebration:

Light the Shabbat Candles

Since light fire is no longer practiced during Shabbat, the people should light their candles before starting the Shabbat in order for the night to be pleasurable and peaceful throughout the evening. Mostly, the women are the ones who are lighting the Shabbat candles and not the men. In this part of the event, the women are given the task to do one of the important things before the Shabbat begins – the candle lighting. The lighting does not require someone who is old. It can include the young ones at their home starting from the age of three years old. The lighting of the Shabbat candles is said to lighten up at least 18 minutes before the actual celebration starts. But before that, there is a special blessing that is being made before the lighting of the candle.

Dine and Wine

In the book of Torah, it reminds us that we should sanctify the day of Shabbat. We shall always keep the Shabbat day holy. Upon celebrating the day of Shabbat, we shall do some special prayer for it to be sanctified. The ritual that people is doing is called Kiddush.

After doing the Kiddush, there will be a feast in order to celebrate the Shabbat fully. The meal usually begins with bread, two loaves to be exact. This is done to remind us of what God has given us. This part of the Shabbat is where we literally feast to fully feel the joyous celebration of all the blessings that God bestowed us.

Shabbat Prayers

In order to welcome the Shabbat fully, there are things to be done such as giving prayers and praising for thanking the Lord of what He has given to us. After the celebration, there are also farewell prayers that are needed to be done to fully end the celebration of Shabbat.

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