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Mezuzah is a type of Jewish door post that looks like a tiny parchment scroll wherein it is engraved with Hebrew text containing the words from the scripture. This scroll is being kept on a small case or tube that can be hung on the door.

The mezuzah comes from a variety of type depending on the person who wants to purchase it. It can be in a glass, wood and even metal case where the scroll is being kept in. The meaning of the term mezuzah literally means doorpost, meaning this has always been made for the door. It is a design for the household where it can be used for aesthetic purposes and religion. It is also said that this door post is a holy object for the Jews, and they so honor it.

One part of the Mezuzah is engraved in the verses that come from the book of Deuteronomy. The verse that it holds is made up of the Jewish prayer they called the Shema Yisrael. The mezuzah is actually written in the bible, well not basically made but it is being mentioned that the people of Israel should hang sacred writing at their door, The Jewish people are very innovative and obedient that’s why they created this door post in order to follow the commandment written in the bible. This shows that the Mezuzah is made to be holy; it means that on how to make the mezuzah, the holiness should also comprise upon doing it. That’s why the Mezuzah is only made by known and professional sofers with a trained Jewish scribe in where they use a special quill upon writing the sacred verses and a permanent black ink that can last up to the next generation.

On the other part of Mezuzah, you can see the written name of God that is in the Hebrew text, Shaddai. The named used in the box has a meaning, it is literally translated to the guardians of the doorsteps of Israel.

In hanging the Mezuzah, it should be in a position so that when you open the mezuzah case, the first word to pop up is the Lord’s name, Shaddai that is written in Hebrew. At some cases, other Jewish people write the name of God, Adonai at the back part of the Mezuzah. The mezuzah is to be placed on the right side of the door for it to be noticed by the person who is coming inside the house. When entering the house, there is a need to recite a blessing. The way of blessing the Mezuzah is by kissing their fingers and gently touching the mezuzah itself for it serve as kissing the word of God.

The Mezuzah is not only for design purposes at home, but it also carries the faith of people. Meaning that these people who have this at home have strong faith in God. Besides from that purpose, it is said that the Mezuzah serves as a symbol of protection from God, a blessing, and Him watching over those people inside the house, which is the family.

Basically, there is absolutely nothing wrong, or there are no rules trespassed of owning a mezuzah at home. It is actually a good thing for it is said that this object can protect the home from harm, and it also gives respect and acknowledges our love for God and for his word that we shall keep his word until today.

This doorpost sets a reminder that the family owning the mezuzah has a greater love and faith for the Lord and it reminds the people owning it to share the scriptures especially to the youth and of course to continue praising and giving thanks to our savior from saving us from sins. For further information about the mezuzah, you can continue reading down below so that you can gather more ideas of the significance and on how to pick the mezuzah of your choice.

Meaning of Mezuzah

The significance of the mezuzah is not only for us to be reminded of the gift God has given to us. The mezuzah is reminding us to always abide by the scripture and to continue to walk in the newness of life. Meaning doing good things and following the Lord’s commandment at any time and any risk. The mezuzah is believed to be something that can shield us from dangers that surround us. This is made for the family to be protected. This means that they are being protected by their only King that gives us love and protection.

In the scriptures, it is said that the Lord promises that when one followed the Mitzvah for mezuzah he will live for a long time and become rich including their children. More importantly, the Mezuzah is giving us the light that God is with us wherever we go, inside and outside our home. You can see that is placed in the door post that can be seen whenever we leave and get back home. He is always watching us, protecting us from all harm that may come, and we shall never forget that his love is greater than anything else in the world.

Purchasing Mezuzah

Mezuzah can be purchased at almost any Jewish stores, either online or at any Jewish store near you. When purchasing one, make sure that you thoroughly check it for errors. When it comes to maintenance, it is good that the mezuzah is to be checked twice every seven years, but it can be checked for a yearly basis depending on the important holidays that may come. Upon checking your mezuzah, you can hire a sofer or a professional Jewish scribe maker to check your mezuzah for further damage such as cracks on the case and to the parchment paper when it gets wet. It can also be checked for other damages that can be encountered by the mezuzah especially that this object is made to be hung outside the door.

Knowing that the mezuzah is quite almost in any Jewish stores, you can always find the mezuzah of your choice. Do not forget to analyze the one that you need. If you want something that can last for a long time, you can pick the one that has a metal case in order to avoid cracks. Also, check the scroll if there are any typographic errors thare and call your nearest sofer in the town.

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