What is jewish Prayer Shawl?

The Tallit or Prayer shawl is rectangular for the people to drape it in their shoulders. The material used in this tallit can come from a variety; it can be made of cotton, wool or synthetic fibers depending on the person who is going to use it. But mostly they use wool since in the ancient time’s people from Israel mostly use wools as their clothing for it is warmer and they find it easier to be made, and more convenient than using other materials for it is easier to find.

The shawl is made up of signified parts, the corners of the shawl have strings attached on them, and each strip of the string signifies a pattern, and they call these strings as Tzitzit. This Tzitzit is of biblical, in the earlier years, the Jews has strings attached to their four-cornered garment for it is written in the sacred writings. It is written to its ancient traditions and serves as the obligations and duties of being a Jew.

In some Orthodox communities, the tallit is only being worn by married men, meaning nonmarried men have no right to wear this garment and it serves as a sign that the man wearing it is already a married man.

The bible though now specifically told to wear this tallit, but it is ordered that they should wear a garment with fringes or strings attached on its four-cornered garment. It serves as a cover for them, and it is written in the book of Deuteronomy that wearing these garments is also a sign that our God the Father is also covering them.

This was also being used the children of Israel that serves as their drape and protection against all evil that may lie beside. Not only that this garment is used for religion fulfillment, but it is also suitable for the weather in the west Asian countries. These are mostly for the hot or warm weather to where the country is most likely to acquire, it is used to drape their body and arms from the hot sun.

And up to the evening where the climate of the area becomes cold, and it is perfect for the people for the area to cover themselves with this piece of the garment where they can drape it around their body to cover themselves from the cold and also from the sand that covers the place.

Who are the people supposed to wear this garment and when it should be worn?

Most technically, this piece of the garment should be worn all day for the Jewish people. That’s because it is one of their obligations as followers of Christ and it is traditional clothing for them. At the same time, the Tallit of the prayer shawl is no longer applicable to the modern world, for they have innovated different clothing in where this piece of the garment does not seem to fit anymore. And so, for the modern world problems in clothing, the people of Israel created clothing that seems like a Tallit which is in poncho-like clothing that can be worn right under their own clothing that seems to fit the street style of clothing in Israel.

Aside from the innovation of this clothing or garment, it is also being used by Jewish men during morning services for prayers, it is worn during weekdays. But on some countries, the Tallit is still being worn all day to fulfill the Lords commandments in terms of clothing, this country is such Yom Kippur and where the prayer leader still wear this all day and during prayers.

In the Eastern European countries, in Ashkenazic communities, the young men of the area wear Tallit Katan which is a smaller type of Tallit in where they use to wear for as young as 3 years old. Their clothing drastically changes when they are getting married for they use a larger Tallit to give known that this man is already married and to follow the commandments of the Lord still. But in the Sephardic communities in the Western countries, the young men of the area wear it earlier up until they reached the age of the Bar Mitzvah or earlier. 

This clothing is more obligated to be worn at daytime according to the traditions, and during night time the wearing of the tallit is an exemption. But others still wear this Tallit for bedtime garments such as pajamas where they exempt the Tzitzit or the fringes that connect to the Tallit. Moreover, the wearing of the Tallit garment is obligated to have the Tzitzit or the fringes during day time, and it can be worn without Tzitzit during night time. But others still wear the Tallit with the fringes or the Tzitzit to fulfill the Mitzvah, and it is said that wearing Tzitzit during the night time or during the dark because it gives protection even at sleep.

In wearing the Tzitzit, it serves as the pride for the Jewish people. They give respect, and these Jews truly follow the commandment by using it, even during wars and dangers only to promote their country to side besides their God in every battle of the day. During the back days, people from the country of Israel was conquered by other nation in where they were prohibited from wearing this kind of clothing, but with the grace of our almighty God, some part of the country were highly liberated and free and did not require fear to wear this kind of clothing.

Up to today, the Jewish people still wear this clothing as a sign of their pride and respect for their elders and for everybody in their country. Still, they pass this up to the next generation. The wearing of this garment set as a metaphor for the Lord infinite bright light that lives inside us. In purchasing tallit, know that is not only used for fashion purposes but to also know the commandment of the Lord why these garment set to be holy.

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