The Hebrew Bible – The Tanakh

Continuous learning and questionings are very important in the values of Jewish people. The latest and bounded elegantly edition of the Hebrew Bible or the Torah is the great way to refine and be reminded of all your commitments to the Lord God. Through this, it will also offer you more knowledge and will stimulate your love in someone who admired you. This article will give you different types of the latest and beautifully bound Hebrew Bibles as well as Hebrew Tanakh that are made to meet all your needs in life and to build a strong connection with the Lord God.

Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica- Medium

This Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica contains the feel and the look of a real item. This Deluxe Torah Scroll Replica has the whole texts in the Hebrew Bible that were printed on a high quality standard type of paper. The Torah scroll contains the wooden handles and is being adorned on top of it by the metallic rimonim, similar to the original Hebrew Bible scroll. The cover of the Deluxe Torah Scroll is made up of velvet fabric that has some embroidery on its classical design. It also comes up with a protective vinyl cover. 

Sefardi Silver Torah Scroll Miniature Replica – Jerusalem Hoshen (Large)

This elegant piece of art is a replica of the ever famous example of the classic case of the Sefardi Torah Scroll. The case has the decorative designs that have the motif of the Old Jerusalem that has gold highlights. Near in the bottom of the case, it has 12 different stones that form the Hoshen, which is the breastplate of the High Priest in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem. You can purchase this Sefardi Silver Torah Scroll Minature Replica in many leading online stores nationwide with a price ranging from 49.0 0 US Dollars to 99.00 US Dollars.

The Agam Rainbow Torah: The Five Books of Moses

With the price amount of The Agam Rainbow Tora:The Five Books of Moses that ranges from 1,500 US Dollars to 2,200 US Dollars that can be purchased in many leading online stores nationwide, you can now enjoy the rainbow spectrum that is came from the 3-D polymorph cover that has been designed and decorated by the famous Israeli artist, namely Yaacov Agam. It contains 335 pages, which makes it different and unique than the other Torahs. Each of the 335 pages of the Book has the 24k gold leaf gild that also features the Hebrew and English transliteration in every page of the Book. This is considered as an excellent and elegant artwork. This type of Hebrew Bible can be your perfect gift for your Jewish friend that will celebrate her Bat or Bar mitzvah.


To sum it up, there are lots of varieties of Hebrew Bible that you can purchase in many online stores nationwide. They come in different designs and decors and different price ranges. These are the perfect treat for yourself or your loved ones.

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