Fun Facts About Israel

I know that you have some ideas about the Holy Land, Israel; the different places you can visit when you are there, the foods you must try, different adventures and beaches that you must go. But this article will give you some interesting information about the Land o Israel that I am sure you were not yet aware of. And yes, you are correct! This article will give you the hidden fun facts in Israel. Keep on reading and enjoy!

•    The Glue that most Israeli stamps use is a certified koshers.

•    The Holy Land is considered as one of the largest air forces in the world including, China, Russia, and the United States.  It also has their aerial arsenal of over 19’s to 250 F.

•    The notes of the Israeli bank have brail for the blind people to know them.

In the past few years, the Land of Israel became at the top of the different main technological advances like the voice mail technology, which was created and innovated in the land of Israel. There is the Pentium MMX Chip technology which was also created in the Land of Israel at Intel. Almost all of the Windows NT operating systems were created and developed by the Microsoft-Israel, and some studies are indicating that the first cell phone used by people was developed in Israel by Motorola, which also happens to build its biggest development center in the Holy Land.

•    The Land of Israel is also considered on having the highest percentage worldwide about the home computers in every capital.

•    Through having 3000 plus of high tech start-ups and companies, the Land of Israel is now considered of having the highest concentration of the high-tech companies in the whole wide world, and that is apart from the so-called “Silicon Valley.”

•    The Land of Israel is the only Land that you can find in this world that enters the 21st generation containing a net gain in its highest numbers of trees. The Land of Israel is also the land that is considered as one of the lands that have the highest rates in terms of entrepreneurship and also contains the highest rate of women among its people for over 55% in the world.

•    Almost 25% of the workforce in the Land of Israel finished their university degrees, thus ranking the land as one of the industrialized lands in the world including Holland and the United States. The Holy Land is also the country that has 23% of people that has advanced degrees.

•    The Land of Israel contains only 1/6 of the 1% landmass located in the Middle East.

•    The Children of Israel uses only two languages, which is Arabic and Hebrew.

•    The third lady who served as the prime minister of the Holy Land is Golda Meir.

•    The land of Israel had received one gold, one silver and five bronze of the Olympic medals.

•    In the year of 2013 during the country’s Independence Day, there are over or lesser 8 million people living in the land.

•    In the year of 1948, there are more than 10 million of machine guns that were created by Major Uzi Gaf.

•    The Land of Israel contains lots of museums in every capita compared to the other countries in this world.

•    There are more than 34 parties who participated during the 2013 election in Israel.

•    The developer of the AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ is the four young students of Israel.

•    McDonald’s in the Land of Israel offers kosher foods.

•    In the Middle East, the Holy Land is the only liberal democratic country.

•    You can find the ever famous body of water in Israel, which is the Dead Sea that is popular for its therapeutic and healing properties.


Didn’t think that all of these facts about Israel exist? Well, it is. There are so many interesting things that you must discover in the Holy Land. Aside from this country is the Land of Holy, it is also the Land of high-tech technologies developers. Aside from the different tourist spots that you can enjoy in the Land of Israel, there are also lots of museums that you must visit before leaving the country. This information stated above is all relevant.

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