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Kabbalah is one of the traditions of the ancient Jewish that is still bringing us misinterpretation. That’s because the real Kabbalah was hidden for millions of years, until this generation. Although the origin of Kabbalah is from the ancient Babylon era, the Kabbalah’s wisdom stays hidden from the eyes of people. In these days, only a small amount of people have knowledge about the real meaning of Kabbalah.

For the past few decades, every generation had their own thoughts about the word Kabbalah, such as miracles, curses or even spells. Since the development of Kabbalah tradition in the lies of Jewish people, the concept of this tradition remains unknown.

Kabbalah is one of the traditions and beliefs of many Jewish people during the ancient times. They believed that the Kabbalah tradition is the tradition of using the mysticism of the Bible. For the past decades, this ancient tradition unveils the unseen secrets of the creation of the world and the presence of the Lord God which is always at our side.

If you are looking for the ideal Kabbalah gift that you can give to yourself or to your family members and relatives, keep on reading this article because I will show you the different Kabbalah-themed t-shirts, rings, bracelets and any other types of pieces of jewelry that have the modern and traditional craftsmanship and design. This is the a perfect gift that will satisfy both of your spiritual and physical body.

Evil Eye: Sterling Silver Kabbalah Bracelet

This elegant type of Kabbalah bracelet in silver has one of the different names of the Lord God, that is believed that can guard its user from the elements of Evil eye. With a price ranging from 60 US Dollars to 70 US Dollars, and can be purchased in leading online stores nationwide, you can now give your special someone with this meaningful and stylish Kabbalah bracelet that she can wear wherever she go.

Red String Hamsa Bracelet

Do you want to have your spirituality in your entire life? I’m sure you will, and this would only happen through the use of this Red String Hamsa Bracelet that has an elegant and attractive design. This red string bracelet is made up with the feature of the Hamsa charm. Many people believed that the symbol of Hamsa is the symbol for strength, power and blessings. This has also the ability to protect its user from the negative elements of the Evil eye. In the beliefs of Jewish people, the red string symbolizes to wash away or the negativities in your life if you will tie it around your left wrist. With the price ranging from 60 US Dollars to 75 US Dollars, you can now surprise your special someone or your best friend with this elegant and meaningful treat.

Sterling Silver Merkaba Star of David Necklace

This attractive necklace in sterling silver has the price amount ranging from 50 US Dollars to 65 US Dollars and can be purchased in many leading online stores nationwide. This Sterling Silver Necklace features the symbol of the Star of David that is made up with three dimensions that is unique compared to the other Star of David jewelries. This Star of David necklace is made up of interlocking tetrahedrons or pyramids instead of using the interlocking triangles. This is an ideal gift for your sisters, mother or to your girlfriend.

Priestly Blessing T-Shirt

Everybody loves to wear iconic t-shirts. And this Priestly Blessing T-Shirt can be your perfect choice. This t-shirt has the whole Torah verses that came from the high Priestly Blessing which are: “Yevarechecha Hashem Veyishmerecha, Yaer Hashem Panav Elecha Vichuneka, Yisa Hashem Panav Elecha Veyasem Lecha Shalom,” which means, “May Hashem (The Lord) bless you and guard you.” It is perfect to wear by those who love collecting different t-shirts with Hebrew letters or words. You can purchase this Priestly Blessing T-Shirt in many leading online stores nationwide with a price ranging from 15 US Dollars to 20 US Dollars.


The listed Kabbalah gifts above are inexpensive yet possess different meanings that are related to your connection with the Lord God. These Kabbalah gifts are suitable gift in every occasion such as birthday, anniversary or graduation. I hope you all like it!

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