What is Kiddush?

The Hebrew term “Kiddush” contains three different meanings, every meaning was built in before the other one. Let us take a look from the first meaning; The Sanctifying Sabbath.

Sanctifying Sabbath

The term Kiddush is a Hebrew term which means separation or sanctification. It is the so-called “mitzvah” that will declare the Sabbath celebration verbally during the day 7 of the first week that is separated from the holy celebrations. Jewish people sanctify the Sabbath during the Friday evening – the first one is their praying time, and the second one is when they hold a cup of kosher wine before starting the dinner. This type of sanctification is widely known by the Jewish people as Kiddush.

The Sabbath declaration consists of three different parts, the first one is the reciting some of the verses written in the Hebrew Bible concerning the Sabbath holiness (this is derived from the Genesis verses which relate it as the first sanctification of Sabbath in the Jewish history, which is the time after the Lord God creates the universe. The second one is to bless the kosher wine, and the last one is the blessing wherein the Jewish people show their gratitude to the Lord God on choosing their community and give them the gift for Sabbath.

Sabbath Morning Reception

In connection with the first meaning, which is the Sanctifying Sabbath, the Jewish people are also holding a single cup of kosher wine while reciting the related verses for Sabbath and bless the kosher wine before they start their meal during the Sabbath celebration.

In different areas of synagogues, the daytime services of Jewish people are automatically followed by several receptions. Because the Sabbath is being done before the kosher wine blessing, Jewish people called the reception as Kiddush. Kiddush is also called by some people as one. The reception of the Kiddush often has some meals with crackers, sushi and different types of Jewish foods. To commemorate the milestones of the Jewish people or to remember their deceased loved ones, it is a custom for them to sponsor the reception.

It is a Girl!

It is a custom for the Jewish people to sponsor the daytime Kiddush of Sabbath to commemorate the newborn baby girl. Some of these Kiddush receptions are often held in any place that you want, in your home or maybe in the synagogue areas. There are lots of reasons about the custom of Jewish people including the following;

·         Jewish parent usually did the Kiddush receptions after a Jewish mother gave birth to a baby girl and was named at the Hebrew Bible. During the naming of the baby girl, the Jewish souls will enter the baby’s body. Thus the Kiddush reception is being held to commemorate the new soul.

·         Jewish people do this custom to show their gratitude for the Lord God.

·         During the Kiddush, Jewish people will give their wishes to the new parents, wishing that these parents will raise the baby girl having good attributes and attitudes. Jewish people believe that their wishes to the Jewish parents are very powerful, and it is the ideal way for them to give their wishes as many as they can.

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