Facts about Tehillim – The Book of Psalms

What is the meaning of the word “Tehillim?” Do the hymns of the book composed of many people? And what is/are the possible connections between Shavuot and the Book of Psalms? You are lucky that you are reading this article for it will answer all your questions. Take time to read this and have some knowledge about the Tehillim.

o   King David is the one who created the Tehillim but doesn’t have the ability to complete the psalms. The Gemara stated that aside from the psalms written by King David, and later on, King David heard that there are some psalms that come from the holy inspiration that was written by ten different people, namely Korach’s three sons, Asaf, Jeduthum Heman, Moses, Abraham, Melchizedek, and Adam.

o   In Hebrew language, Tehillim is the appropriate name for the Book of Psalms. Tehillim is the plural term of tehila, which means words or glory of praise. The expert Jews used the word Tilim instead of Tehillim. Ibn Ezra and Ramban are just some of the Bible commentators during the Medieval Era, which called the book of Psalms as Tehillot.

o   The Tehillim or the Book of Psalms is the first and only book of writings that you can see at the third chapter of the Bible.

o   The Tehillim or the Book of Psalms also contains the longest chapter that you can read in the Bible. You can see it in Chapter119, wherein this chapter importantly contains the 8 lines of psalm for every letter that composed in Hebrew alphabet.

o   The Book of Psalms or the Tehillim contains the total of 150 chapters that were subdivided into five different sections, and Tehillim is considered as the longest book during the Biblical times.

o   The Book of Psalms contains one hundred and fifty different parts, the first one hundred and fifty chapters were written by Korach’s three sons, Assaf, David and many more. But unfortunately, until now, we still don’t have the idea about the writers who composed the remaining fifty chapters.

o   There are some psalms written in the Book of Psalms are not necessarily need to recite during midnight and sundown.

o   The Book of Psalms or Tehillim is one of the most popular kinds of literature in the Bible. As time passes by, the Jewish people from different status, poor or rich, are all required to recite the different psalms written in the Tehillim or the Book of Psalms. They respect each other because they knew that they are created by one God. The phrases that the Book of Psalms consists are suitable to use in any purposes and in any time. These psalms are also recited by every Jewish during their salvation. It was believed from the traditional times up to these days that were written in the online Psalm groups. The Talmud written in the Hebrew Bible says these words, “Everything that David said in his book, he said for himself and for the entire Jewish people, and for all exigencies.”

o   During the celebration of Shavuot, which is the death anniversary of King David there is a custom of the Jewish people which is to recite some psalms in the Book of Psalms or Tehillim. The sages of the Jewish people in Midrash, namely Shocher Tov, explained about the connection of Moses and David who brought the Hebrew Bible, saying exactly these words, “David wrote five Books of Psalms to correspond to the Five Books of Moses. Moses was the best prophet, and David had the best kingdom, and whatever Moses did, David also did. One who studies Torah without fear of G-d is worth nothing. David came and taught the fear of heaven in the Book of Psalms. Moses and David were called the “two good community leaders [parnessim]. Furthermore, David strengthened the Law of Moses in his days, for he legislated shifts [of priests] to fulfill the Torah’s commandments [in the Temple] and encouraged people to arise before dawn to study Torah and Psalms. David died on Shabbat, the same day that Moses died because Moshe gave the Jews Five Books, and David, through his Book of Psalms strengthened the Law of Moses.”

In addition, the so-called Hida has written an introduction to his written literature which is Yosef Tehilot highlighted the significance of the recitation of the psalms in Tehillim. He writes these exact words saying, “One who recites Tehillim each day is considered as though he fulfilled the entire Torah and merits a place beneath the Throne of Glory… One who is accustomed to [reciting] Tehillim repels all kinds of calamities and several harmful plagues from him, his household, his family members, and his entire generation.” While the Rabbi Eliezer Papo commented on the work of Hida saying, “There is a tradition from holy, renowned men that one who confronts any hardship or distress, or who travels by road, at sea or in a river, should read the entire Tehillim each day without interruption, with concentration and submission, and he will experience wonders.  This has been verified and proven.”


To sum it up, the Tehillim or the Book of Psalms contains a total of 150 chapters of Psalms and are subdivided into five different sections. The Jewish people are required to recite these psalms during the celebration of Jewish High Holidays and on their morning services. This is considered as the longest written literature that you can see in the Bible.

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