Biblical Jewelry

During ancient times, the Jewish people have been believed to be wearing jewelry. There are biblical verses that mentioned the use of jewelry for the appeal, especially among women.

It is written in the book of Isaiah 61:10. Aside from people who should rejoice because God had sacrificed and saved us, it will be noticed here that the bride and groom would need to wear accessories especially f during the special day. And in chapter 1 from Timothy 2:9, simplicity is required for women, but for their wedding day, women were required to braid their hair and would need to wear precious pearls or gold jewelry. 

The Jewish people used a variety of jewelry as their assets to their personalities. Women may have mainly used it for an appealing look, but it is also to show that she is not an ordinary one. Thus, she is a person of substance.

Archeologists have quite recently uncovered a shrouded reserve of gold gems. This was found near an ancient city called Armageddon. As it was stated in the New Testament, this city was the place which the last fight between the good and bad will take place. These gems were placed in a mud pot as if it was being saved from getting into the enemy’s possession. It was hidden like the owner if by chance would return and retrieve it, but it was already forgotten that it stayed there for thousands of years.

This jewelry appeal as if it has ancient mysteries carved into, making it so valuable. So, maybe you are asking, why do both women and men wear gems or jewelry? What are they responsible for when having to?

Why do they need to wear gems?

The gems are lovely. People have high regards with the gem’s shimmering and sparkling characteristics. During the old times, ancient have it as a sign of:

It is a portable kind of wealth- This jewelry can be brought everywhere, even when you are taking a bath or just simply going to one place to another. It is a personal wealth or assets that one can possess without the need for any documents to support the said possession. It can be passed down to generation to generation, or buy your type of jewelry. Now, jewelry is bombarded in every part of the world, both real and fake jewelry can be purchased everywhere; like in stores, malls, etc.

This kind of riches can easily be stolen because it is more often small and portable. It can be placed in your pocket or bag or maybe just wearing that jewelry. There are already pawnshops where we can sell them in an instant for exchange of cash.

The symbol that shows off how rich that person can be – Back then, this jewelry was used as a form of telling everyone how wealthy you are. These were not only used as a design or some fashion accessories, but it also gives the idea to everyone that you have a prosperous life. You can brag about it by wearing those gold necklaces and diamond rings. Up until now, people still have this kind of perspective for the people who wear those fancy gems.

That is the reason young ladies in the antiquated universe of the Bible hung themselves in their settlement gems on their big day. In a not unobtrusive manner, they were telling their new spouse and his family that they were ladies of substance, not to be softly treated.

Because of this, as stated in the Bible, during the old days, women would be wearing and fill themselves with precious adornments especially during her wedding day. This is another way for them to show to their lifelong partner and his family that they are great and strong. It also means that they should not be treated as soft as they are a person of substance.

Ancient jewelry is customized. So, if people would have attempted to have it on their own, they will make it and turned it into a new one. That is the reason why ancient jewelry is lost and forgotten. Thanks to the archeologist, they have unearthed some. So, how did these jewelry survived through time and generation?

Well, one of the discovered gems was a gold necklace. It was said to have been belonged to the queen who ruled in Nimrud, an ancient Assyrian city. It has an aesthetic appeal that is impossible for a person not to like it and would want to possess it as their own.

What’s More? – The Mystery of Gems

The beauty and uniqueness of the ancient jewels made them more valuable and even desirable by many. The attractiveness of particular jewelry greatly shows its value. The more that is being desired or adored by many, the more that is valuable. It gives an extra appeal to the one wearing it. It gives us the idea of wealth, money and simply everything that people may expect.

Women have been accustomed to wearing precious jewelry. Well, ancient people have used these as a symbol of their wealth and status. One example of this dates back thousands of years ago with the Cro-Magnons. They were known to have adorned themselves with wrist trinkets and other crude accessories.

When we have a good pair of shoes, we don’t often use it.  After the first use, some would already be preserving it. As a valuable piece of jewelry is in your possession, back in the days, it is highly protected and even put one’s life in line. Attractive jewelry gives robbers the idea that the wearer is rich. Since it is of great value, many, like robbers, will try to rob it from you.

Owning these valuable pieces of accessories or gems can either save or break one’s life. And somehow, practically all of these vanished into the great land where it had once belonged. Well, as a valuable possession, ancient people would then hide their valuables in far away, secluded places for its safety’s sake if they will be attacked especially during wars. As it was perfectly hidden, like those unearthed by an archeologist, it had been left immaculate for thousands of years. This was hidden in the hope that it will be unearthed again by its original owner. But who knew that those people were covered by fate and will never return.

What Jewelries Did People from the Bible Wore?

We are not yet halfway through in knowing the mysteries that biblical jewelry may have. Thanks to the craftsmen from Phoenicia, ancient people have the chance of wearing magnificent jewelry. It was said that these craftsmen were only invited by those Jewish royalties and commissioned to create an accessory for them.  So, these men made accessories similar to what they have in their native country.

That is why it is assumed that Jewish women had owned and worn jewelry similar to what the Assyrian, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian people have.

Even past the Roman and Greek periods, rich societies in Israel had also adopted styles from other countries.  This is the reason why history says that Jewish ladies have also worn pieces of gems coming from ancient Greece and Rome.

This jewelry was even passed or transferred to other places because of wars. Conquerors would be taking these valuables and even people as a symbol for their victory for taking over that land. The perfect example of which is in 925 BCE, Shoshenq I of Egypt had conquered both the kingdom of Israel and Judah. He had taken all treasures from royal residences and even Solomon’s precious shields. A part of these treasures was the payment of Solomon’s child, Rehoboam. He was compelled to pay such a huge amount to dispose of him from his position. The gems were said to have been from noble people from Judah. So these gems were melted and were re-utilized.

As there is a greater possibility that ancient artifacts like jewelry were melted and was made into a new one, some people would even not believe that jewelry mentioned in the bible may not exist. But with continues discoveries and ancient city excavation, the jewelry was found. Here are some of the biblical jewelry that may have mentioned or had links in the Bible:

  • Arm ornament – other than Egyptians, people from Canaan or Canaanites have worn various ornaments in their bodies. One of which is this arm ornament that was adorned with horns and other engravings. This wristband is made of bronze and was found in the Zefat region in Ramat Razim.
  • Queen Puabi’s accessories – these were found in the queen’s tomb situated in a place in Sumeria. The place was called Ur and this where Abraham and Sarah as conceived.
  • Nimrud’s treasure – an exquisite gold necklace, bracelets, and headdress- was found in an ancient city called Nimrud in Iraq. It was said to be some of the queen’s belongings.  This place was once a capital where Ashurnasirpal II had ruled during the 9th century BC.

Aside from these unearthed jewelry, there are biblical references that state the usage of jewelry. It can be found in various verses from Genesis, Exodus and even in Hosea.

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