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Sefer Torah is the most sacred instrument in Judaism. (Therefore, a parchment that works ‘for the sake of the sanctity of tefillin’ is not sacred enough to use it for the Sefer Torah, whereas the parchment processed for the sake of the sanctity of the Torah can be used for the tefillin). And unlike mezuzah and tefillin, where every Jew should have the result of kosher tefillin and mezuzah, while their mere writing is merely ‘kosher mitzvah’, writing a Sefer Torah is a mitzvah that every Jew must do himself. As it says, “And now you wrote this poetry, teaching the children of Israel.

“The commandment of writing a Sefer Torah, which is a positive commandment for every person. That is, every Jew is obliged to write an entire Torah book himself, and if he is unable to then buy an entire Sefer Torah (and the author becomes his envoy for that matter), and some say that it is enough to take part in writing a common Sefer Torah, ie to buy a letter in a Sefer Torah. We are wise to see a Sefer Torah and a Jewish person as parallel in some ways: Those who are pregnant in the ninth month of birth give their husbands the Torah bookcase on Saturday and remove the book from the closet (HIDA).

And the reason is that the soul that is in his mother’s intestine is like a Sefer Torah, which has to be removed and revealed through his mother’s womb doors and illuminate in the world to discover his part in the Torah and the work of God (corresponding to the elevation of the Torah). In heaven (corresponding to the return of the Torah to the Holy Ark). Therefore, when a Jew sees death and, at the same time, the same law regarding seeing a Sefer Torah ripped – one must practice mourning practices himself (tearing and blessing the Dayan of Truth).

And so it is understandable how this matter of writing a complete Sefer Torah by man is a complete correction to his soul, for all our lives on earth, are meant for us to discover our part in the Torah – in studying the Torah and observing the Torah in our private lives as our Creator intended.  Writing a Sefer Torah is the completion of writing the story-book of the meaning of our lives. And for this reason, in many families, when one of the family members passed away, whether it be the father of the deceased family member or any of the family members who died prematurely – write to his soul an entire Sefer Torah, and do a Sefer Torah in most glory, and this is undoubtedly an amendment And a huge privilege to the family members for agreeing to take part in this tremendous action for their deceased relative. A lot of people who were present at the introduction of such a Sefer Torah to commemorate a relative’s soul can tell that they did indeed feel their soul happily accompanying the solemn procession. Writing a Torah is a long-term operation, which takes many months of writing.

The writer should be funded in writing, well versed in the teachings of the Sefer Torah and the writing of the Torah, and fear heavenly grammatical grammars. Besides the halakhic obligation to write the entire book “for the sake of the holy of Torah” and all the holy names to write “for the sake of the sanctity of the name” His heart and his mind and his intention – the greater the spiritual value of the book Torah is greater. Therefore, many writers were immersed at the beginning of each day of writing, especially before writing the Holy Name on the parchment. And according to Kabbalah, there is also a way and special intentions in which to write the name of the Holy VI.

The writing style has changed between the different denominations, in general, there are 3 styles of writing fonts:1. The form of Beit Yosef’s writing in which the Ashkenazim used. Writing form “Julian” used by the Sephardim (it is easier, so the price of a Sefer Torah is lower than the Ashkenazi Torah books)3. Writing form “Aryan” in which Chassidic followers and some of the Hasidim used. Every writing style is just fine, but in the first place, everyone should buy a writing style Sefer Torah that was used by their family. The price of a fancy Sefer Torah costs about NIS 85,000 to NIS 130,000. The price is expensive, of course, since it takes about a year to write it, the card itself costs about NIS 15,000, and for various reasons varying from writer to writer.

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