If you are experiencing from any skin related issue and you are mystified on which brand of cosmetics to use, then do give a try to AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetic products. It’s a renowned fact that water of the Dead Sea is abundant in twenty-six essential minerals and has exceptional therapeutic power. Highest concentrations of health enriched minerals are also present in the sea opposed to other bodies of water. It looks like Cleopatra considered as the gorgeous woman in the world was aware of the healing properties of the Dead Sea as she had made great expense for getting exclusive rights over the sea area.

With AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetic products, every skin that ranges from dry, normal to oily can easily regain its natural glow. This piece of article will throw light on AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetic products and their unique feature and benefits as well.

Company Overview

AHAVA is a cosmetic company based in Israeli with offices in Lod which manufactures high-quality skincare items made of mineral and mud based compounds from the Dead Sea. AHAVA has flagship shops in Germany, Israel, Singapore, Philippines, Hungary, and South Korea.

AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetic Products Available Today

AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetics are available in wide ranges that vary from facial care, foot and hand care to sunscreen. Anti-aging body lotion, mud soap, moisturizers and creams, anti-aging eye cream, etc. are some of the cosmetic products used by people in a growing number. You can also find sun protection lotion, acne treatment products, etc. readily available in the market. Some other AHAVA products containing Dead Sea minerals are assorted below:

Facial Mud Exfoliator

To begin your beauty regimen of using the AHAVA cosmetic that has mineral from the Dead Sea make sure your skin is clean and ready for exfoliation. The AHAVA Mud Exfoliator provides you with the ideal canvas for applying makeup or skin care products. This is based in gentle mud from the Dead Sea; microbead free scrub gets rid of dirt and makeup, washing away the stress of your day and leaves your skin soft, smooth as well as hydrated.

This mud exfoliator can be used two to three times a week. This is a must-have cosmetic product for feeling and looking your best.

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask

These AHAVA purifying mud masks help fight skin breakouts, aside from keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. So, you do not over dry your skin in the fight to balance oil. It has 21 essential minerals to help your skin glow and healthy.

Not like the usual clay products, the mud from the Dead Sea doesn’t need to dry. Therefore you have to leave the purifying mask on for just about two minutes.

This is easy to use, and the AHAVA recommend to use this Mask in the shower – in the amount of time it takes you to utilize conditioner on your hair, your purifying mud mask is done. The fact which you can wear mud throughout the day is the secret in patented leave-on mud technology in AHAVA’s Dermud. AHAVA scientists created this technology to obtain the perks of the mud packs in chemotherapy with no rinsing or messy applications, so that stress relieving, soothing muscle ache, as well as anti-inflammatory power of Dead Sea mud,  can be experienced all through the day.

AHAVA  Dermud Intensive Hand Cream

This hand cream makes an invisible glove, giving long-lasting hydration as well as soothing inflammation. Keep in your mind, your hands show the story of your life, therefore, whether you’re a nurse continually washing your hands or a laborer working outdoors in harsh elements, your hands take a beating.

Dermud Intensive Hand Cream offers amazing benefits such as:

·         A highly concentrated formula which visibly revitalizes and heals roughly chapped as well as dry hands.

·         Quick absorbing formulation, grease-free which gives instant and fast hydration.

·         Softens and smoothes rough skin

·         It has essential vitamins to aid keep your skin safe from free radical damage

·         Calamine and Aloe-Vera ease the redness, itchiness as well as scaling of irritated skin

·         Fragrance and Paraben free

AHAVA Dermud Intensive Foot Cream

The AHAVA Dermud Intensive Foot Cream is a must-have product about treating the skin. This cosmetic product gets rid of inflammation which helps to ease the pain as well as swelling from being on your feet throughout the day. This cream will aid to get rid of foot pain overnight and let you slip back into your heels.

AHAVA Dermud Foot Cream provides many benefits such as:

·         Treats heal, soothes as well as protects the driest and roughest skin

·         Repairs and nourishes split and cracked skin

·         Alleviates redness, itchiness, and scaling

·         It has coconut oil and jojoba to help increase the level of moisture

·         Paraben-free

AHAVA Dermud Nourishing Body Cream

Your whole body needs proper care and attention as much as you love your feet, hands, and face.

The AHAVA Dermud Nourishing Body Cream provides deep hydration, soothing dry and cracked skin. This is beneficial all year round. You can use this during the winter season, after a sunburn, or if you’re experiencing dry, cracked and itchy skin.

This body cream offers many benefits such as:

·         Restores and rejuvenates skin

·         Rich texture provides long-lasting hydration

·         Soothes and heals irritated and rough skin

·         Combats free radicals and harsh effects of winter weather

·         Leaves your skin smooth, supple as well as healthy-looking

·         Fragrance and paraben free

AHAVA Facial Renewal Peel

This is a gentle action facial peel product which promotes the renewal of natural cell, revealing a softer and radiant skin complexion. This features Citration system and AHAVAs Osmoter, and the technology utilizes Dead Sea water to stabilize as well as provide pure Vitamin C alongside other active components to smooth your skin, strengthen collagen synthesis as well as promote even skin tone.

Unique features about AHAVA Dead Sea Cosmetics

Not like other skin care products, AHAVA Dead Skin cosmetics have exceptional quality of not leaving your skin oily after using. These cosmetics are made with natural components and are enriched with essential minerals. Skin needs essential minerals to revitalize itself and recuperate its natural moisture level after a specific period. These cosmetics help in increasing skin’s permeability as they get deeper into the skin and let it hydrate itself. Products like cream, moisturizers toners, etc. provide a real boost to your skin and thus allow it to recuperate its youthfulness. Let us throw some light on the essential minerals which are available in various AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetics and benefits provided by them:

·         Magnesium: This makes skin look younger because it sets off the enzyme and accelerate the regeneration of cell.

·         Bromide: This soothes skin through relieving skin ailments.

·         Boron: This helps in reducing signs of psoriatic arthritis as well as psoriasis.

·         Zinc: This facilitates cell renewal as well as stimulates collagen.

AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetics are considered as a favored choice of innumerable people suffering from various skin conditions like Psoriasis, arthritis, Eczema, psoriatic asthma, etc. It is not wrong to say that the needs of these cosmetics have risen considerably from the day they have been labeled as the most excellent natural treatments of a range of skin problems.

So, it can be said that using these products is one of the most excellent ways of regaining the lost glory of the face and body and treating many skin ailments.


AHAVA Cosmetics are combined from essential minerals found in Dead Sea mud, salt water as well as a healing plant extract. AHAVA Dead Sea cosmetics are globally recognized due to their medicinal as well as relaxing properties. You do not have to need to go to the Dead Sea in Israel to experience the pampering Dead Sea Spa experience. Purchase AHAVA products now and make your own Spa treatment program right at the comfort of your home.  

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