How to say Happy Birthday in Hebrew?

The Hebrew birthday is a considerably important one since it refers to when someone is born on the Hebrew calendar. Although the Gregorian version is used by most of the world, the Hebrew calendar remains important to the Jewish people. Jews can correctly make calculations regarding the date of births, deaths, and bar mitzvahs. On the topic of birthdays, you need to know how to commemorate this particular occasion. There are certain rituals you have to partake in for the birthday to be considered Hebrew. Here is what you can do to have a happy birthday in Hebrew tradition.

History of Hebrew Birthdays

The first birthday belongs to Adam, who was created by G-d on a Friday. On that very same day, Eve was born. Hebrews celebrate the birth of Adam and Eve every single year, as a result. While they didn’t particularly have a party, there is scriptural evidence of birthdays celebrated as such.

In the Book of Genesis, the ancient pharaoh of Egypt threw a great party for his ministers. Moses was also born and died in the same month of Adar, at 120 years old. However, it is the 9th of Av in which Jews remember the destruction of both holy temples. Nonetheless, it is also the birthday of the redeemer Moshiach.

What is The Significance of These Birthdays?

First and foremost, birthdays are a celebration of life itself, a heavenly gift of G-d. Secondly, Hebrew birthdays are important because you are given a spiritual mission to change the world. According to the Chabad organization, celebrating birthdays is a demonstration of your confidence both within yourself and within G-d. No matter what obstacles lay in your path, you can overcome any of them.

Once you figure out your birthday under the Hebrew calendar, you need to perform a set of rituals. Birthdays are part of your Jewish identity, so become one step closer to G-d as you celebrate. Here are some ways you can conform to Jewish customs during this special day in your life.

How To Properly Celebrate

Look back into the past year and think about what you did right and wrong. How would you go about changing yourself for the better? Spend more of your spiritual time with prayers and recite the Psalms of King David himself. Speaking of Psalms, did you know every year within your life is connected to them? In order to find a Psalm that corresponds with your year, calculate your current age plus one. Once you learn it, you can say it every day until your next birthday. In the meantime, study the Torah.

Consider the Hebrew word “mitzvah,” which means “commandment.” G-d has given you a moral obligation to perform good deeds. One of the ways you can do so is through charity. On your birthday, consider giving money to worthy causes. Should your birthday arrive before the Shabbat, you can give to charity the day before and after; this also applies to Jewish holidays.

How to Find Your Jewish Birthday

The Chabad organization uses what they call a Jewish Birthday Calculator. Once you type in your birth date, you can let the system know if it was in the morning or evening. Hit the “Next” button, and there you go. You have a Jewish birthday you can celebrate.

Say “Happy Birthday” in Hebrew

Do you want to greet someone who’s celebrating their birthday in the Hebrew language? Try using the phrase “Yom huledet sameach.” Remember that the Hebrew word Yom refers to “day,” huledet refers to “birth,” and sameach refers to “happy.” Do keep in mind with the Hebrew language, the “ch” sounds like a hard “k,” particularly in words like sameach.

Yom Huledet Sameach!

With all this knowledge in mind, you can celebrate this important day with spiritual guidance and Hebrew tradition. G-d has given you an important gift, which is life. Through your Jewish birthday, you acknowledge the significance of this day. Take the time you think back on your spiritual progress. Perform good deeds and acts of charity as you bond with G-d. Once you find out when your Jewish birthday takes place, make sure to do it the Hebrew way.

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