Ezra Meaning in Hebrew

Ezra is a girl’s name in Hebrew. The word means “vision” and can mean “visions”. In Hebrew, the name also means “mirror.”


The name Ezra has both Biblical and Hebrew meanings. In Hebrew, the name means “helper.” The Jewish priest who led the Jews out of captivity is one of the most well-known examples of Ezra. The name is traditionally masculine, but there is also a feminine variant, Ezri. In keeping with the family philosophy, gender shouldn’t play a part in the name selection process.

The first recorded use of the name Ezra dates back to the 1st century B.C., when he was a teacher of the law of Moses. While the final completion of the Bible came much later, Ezra was credited with putting the Hebrew Bible into shape. His name is also associated with the first known example of sacred erudition. In fact, he is often referred to as the first interpreter of the Bible.

The name Ezra derives from the verb zr. The word can mean to see or to understand, or to become visible. Ezra noun is also used to describe a prophet, a mirror, and a place. Ezra is a feminine version of the male name Ezrah. If you’re wondering what this name means in Hebrew, read on.

In Jewish culture, the name Ezra is highly regarded. The biblical Ezra is a highly-respected figure who was responsible for reintroducing the Torah to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. He was also a high priest. The popularity of the name Ezra is based on the U.S. Government’s Social Security Administration. Names with the number 6 are associated with nurturing, sympathetic and civic sense. They are also willing to accept responsibility and responsibilities.

People born with the name Ezra are outgoing, friendly, and unpredictable. They tend to be outgoing and friendly, but they also have a tendency to be attention-seekers. Ezra is a natural leader, but one that may be lacking in self-awareness and emotional stability. Ezra is a wonderful combination of attributes. But it’s also important to note that despite its outgoing nature, Ezra is also prone to conflict.

The word Ezra means strong or mighty. The first two letters are ‘azaz’, which means’mighty’, while ‘znyh’, meaning ‘ozniya,’ is a bird of prey. The second letter is ‘uz,’ which means to bring into refuge. This name is also used as an alternative spelling for’ma’oz, which means safe place.

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