How to Say Covid in Hebrew

Have you ever wondered what the Hebrew word Covid means? Do you want to learn how to say Covid in Hebrew? Read on to discover the meaning behind this backwards spelling and how it compares to the word Beetlejuice. Here’s how to say Covid in Hebrew. We also explore the meaning of this Hebrew word. After you learn the meaning of Covid, you can enjoy learning about the Hebrew language.

Backwards spelling

Did you know that the word COVID in Hebrew is pronounced KHbvd? It means divine presence. You may think that the Hebrew word COVID is pronounced COV-id. That’s not exactly true. In Hebrew, the word for divine presence is kHbvd. But, if you want to be more original, you can try to spell COVID in Hebrew backwards.

Yiddish uses the double v for the v-sound, so the backwards spelling of the word is actually pronounced as ‘divoc’. Yiddish doesn’t make use of Hebrew loan words, so the backwards spelling of COVID doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an evil spirit. Yiddish professor Lily Kahn says that dybbuk is more likely the word you’re looking for.

Some people claim that the word “divoc” is the pronunciation of COVID in Hebrew. This is a possibility based on a Reddit post in the r/Conspiracy category. The word is very close to the existing Hebrew word, but the connection is purely coincidental. It’s likely that the backwards version is more accurate, but it’s worth noting that this new word doesn’t actually exist.


If you’re a Hebrew speaker, you may be wondering how to say Covid in Hebrew. The virus’s name is COVID-19, but it’s actually pronounced co-vid. This new name for the disease, which has been in use since 2013, is an acronym for coronavirus disease. It stands for coronavirus disease 19 – hence, the “19” in the name reflects the year of its identification. Hebrew is a language of many dialects, and a word such as “COVID” can refer to the possession of an evil spirit. But despite the fact that the term “covid” is similar to the Arabic word ‘dibbuk,’ it is not a translation of the word.

This etymology is quite interesting. It turns out that the word “COVID” is derived from the Hebrew root d-b-k. This root is the same as that for the word “covid” in Yiddish. However, Hebrew is not an example of a language that uses many of its Hebrew loan words. Similarly, “dybbuk” comes from the Hebrew verb ‘lidbok’, which means to cleave or ‘leave.’

Another theory says the word “divoc” is COVID spelled backward. A recent post on Reddit’s r/Conspiracy thread makes the same claim. Although this theory is not confirmed by the Jewish Virtual Library, it does have some merit. The word “divoc” is quite close to an existing Hebrew word, but it is not an exact match. Ultimately, the word may be called something entirely different.

Similarity to Beetlejuice

While it may seem odd at first, the title “Beetlejuice” is actually a reference to a star in the sky, and the song is also a reference to the Jewish character of the same name. It was the name of the star Beetelgeuse that inspired the character of Beetlejuice in the 1988 film. In Hebrew, betelgeuse means “fire,” and Beetlejuice’s pronunciation resembles that of Beetelgeuse.

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