Schottenstein Talmud – English Full Size

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Talmud Bavli is a new and excellent edition of the Babylonian Talmud that is well-versed and well-organized, published by the prestigious Artskurul Masoreh publishing house and is highly popular among the public. Alongside the pagination of the standard and traditional Talmudic page over the centuries of Shas and Vilna with the commentary of Rashi and Tosfot, Bach, the tradition of the Talmud, Ein Mishpat, Ner Mitzvah, etc., this page includes pages with extensive commentary on the Gemara. Direct and indirect commentary on Rashi and Tosafot, and comments from the entire spectrum of halakhic authorities and sources at the bottom of each page. The edition was published in Hebrew, English and French.

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Schottenstein Talmud - English Full Size