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Tallit “Tashbez” Gray-Black-Silver

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    • Shatnez tested
    • 100% Fine Wool
    • Made in Israel
    • Made by Mishkan Hatchelet
    • The Tallit comes with thin machine-spun threads and can be added HandSpun threads, plus price.

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Tallit Size Chart

matching the size of the tallit and the height of the person

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The measurements – by Mishkan Hatchelet

Things to know

kosher by the Badatz

The body of the tallit is kosher by the Badatz

mishkan hatchelet

Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet

made in israel

If you cannot make up your mind what color of Tallit you prefer, the Wool Tashbez Tallit with Gray-Black-Silver, maybe the tallit for you. Take into consideration your favorite hues and what you are most likely to wear to events and gatherings. Sometimes it can be nice to have a piece that works with a variety of colors. The turquoise brings out some color, while the black helps to keep the tallit from being too flashy. Silver lines were strewn between them. This particular Tallit presents a unique stitching pattern on the sides, as well. The Atara also complies with this stripe and color pattern. There is also a matching design on the corners, with Tzitzit tied to the four of them. The fringes beautifully knotted, and the entire blanket consists of natural wool. When considering the idea of giving a Tallit for a gift, this one is a right combination of colors. The recipient of a gift often wishes to have something that can be useful. The color scheme on this Tallit makes it worthwhile with many different outfit choices.

  • Gray-Black-Silver stripes, combined
  • Natural, comfortable wool
  • Elegant Tallit
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool

The Gray Black and Silver Striped Wool Tallit Prayer Shawl brings the subtle white and silver together with a sharp, black stripe. This prayer shawl is an attractive investment. The bold stripes, however, are not the only notable feature. There is an etching of the Tallit blessing in the atara, as well. The matching Tzitzit corners also add some extra style and beauty. There is a blessing given over the prayer shawl. This shawl has almost every feature that is available in a shawl. It has custom sizing, tzitzit, and extra features. You do have to pay extra for these things, but it is well worth it. Bags are available to store your prayer shawl, as well. These are available in plastic or velvet. The velvet bags make a great gift giving accessory. The black lines are minimal on this robe, but stand out beautifully. The wool material adds a bit of warmth in the warmer months. The wool prayer shawls are beautiful because they are more natural than some other fabrics. Order early if this is for a special occasion or a gift. It takes about three days to process the order. This is before shipping. You won’t ever be out of style with the black, white, and silver prayer shawl.

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