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Tallit Clips: Nickel Tallit Clip “Luchot Habrit ” with a Chain

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Tallit Clips – unique and beautiful. Recommended for every Jewish man. Makes it easier to wear and use the Tallit over time. Made by Art Judaica. Nickel Tallit Clip “Luchot Habrit ” with Chain

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Tallit Clips: Nickel Tallit Clip “Luchot Habrit “with a Chain

You wear you a tallit or shawl easily by wearing Tallit Clips that has Luchot Habrit design. The Tallit Clips have elegant and beautiful designs that you would love to see. These clips would comfort you while you’re praying or attending a Jewish ceremony. The Tallit Clips have a beautiful and attractive look in it that would catch the attention of any Jewish man.  You can present the product as a gift for celebrations and birthdays.

Art Judaica manufactured the Tallit Clips with chain. The creative design and decorations on the clips give it a luxurious appeal that’s perfect for your preference. You would love the Luchot Habrit design as it matches your shawl. These Tallit Clips come from the nickel – so you can expect that’ durable. The design could be a perfect match for the jewelry or accessories you’re wearing.

The Nickel Tallit Clips aren’t only attractive but also look stylish and fashionable. You would look amazing as you wear these clips. You would look charming and sincere as you embrace your Jewish faith.  You can make an order right now and wear these beautiful Tallit Clips. Call us now, and we would serve you right away. 

 We’re proud to recommend you the Tallit Clips that are excellent and perfect for you! You make an order now!

Dimensions Length/Height: 3cm Material: Nickel finish Color: Silver Weight: 0.05kg

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Weight0.05 kg
Dimensions3 cm

1 review for Tallit Clips: Nickel Tallit Clip “Luchot Habrit ” with a Chain



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