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Wool Tzitzit – 100% Wool Tallit Katan

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  • Charedit100% Fine Wool
  • KOSHER – Badatz’s supervision
  • Made in Israel ✡️
  • Manufactured by Mishkan Hatchelet 

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Wool TzitzitThis beautiful Wool Tzitzit – 100% Wool Tallit Katan (Mishkan Hatchelet Tallit Katan Wool and Black Stripes/ White) adds style to your everyday wardrobe. It can be easy to get used to wearing the same style, daily. This model adds a bit of variety while maintaining the traditions. This garment is easily placed over your existing clothing for a casual look. The neck area is low and open, This, however, is often disguised by an appropriately chosen undershirt. The black striped design looks fresh with jeans and black dress pants, alike. The neck area has been especially tended to. The neckline resists fraying, so your Tallit Katan stays nice, longer. The 100% wool fabric adds quality and an ancient charm to this piece. The fringes are not forgotten. Several custom forms of the tzizit are available for your custom order. For this garment, the ptil tekhelet tzitzit, handmade sefardi tzitzit, and Ashkenaz tzitzit must change prior to placing an order. Several other options are available. Most of these customizations show as thick or thin tzitzit. Sizes refer to the size of the garment in measurements. The V-neck is a great option due to these great qualities.

  • Affordable
  • Clear and varied sizing
  • Stylish
  • Shatnez tested
  • 100% Fine Wool
  • The Badatz’s supervision is given to the tzitzit without tying only.  With Tying, Tzitzit will receive different kashrut according to the type of Tying.

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Black Stripes, White


L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL

1 review for Wool Tzitzit – 100% Wool Tallit Katan

  1. itamar ben dor

    Excellent Tzitzit, I’ve used it for years.

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