Colorful Metal Dreidel

Metal colored dreidel

The Sevivon (Dreidel in Yiddish) has become, with the generations, the most commonly used game-tool of Chanukah.

The dreidel has 4 sides, each with a different letter. For the past few centuries, it has been widely accepted overseas that the letters on the spinning top are: NGHS (acronym “A Great Miracle Was There”).

The Hasidic greats Discovered internal meaning in the letters of the dreidel and wrote on it contained huge secrets. Like Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, who said that this whole world is like a dreidel, and the letters hint at the four parts of the world

In the last few decades upon our arrival in Israel, it is more common to find that the letters appearing on the dreidel are NGHP – the initials of the words “a great miracle was here (in Israel), and some call it spinning: “Israeli-Land dreidel”.

On this page, you will find wooden dreidel of different sizes: large, medium, and small. With the option to purchase dreidel with abroad letters (NGHS) or dreidel with Israeli letters (NGHP). All the dreidels were made of high-quality materials, and on the dreidels, there are delicate and spectacular paintings of various motifs of abundance and Judaism; Such as pomegranates, grapes, groom, and bride, and more.

On this page, you will find metal dreidels in sizes and various-shaped, some circular and some traditional with 4 sides. Many of the dreidels are made from a colorful metal cutting.

Artistic dreidels are a great gift for a family with children that you are staying with on Chanukah, or for your own children, who will certainly be delighted to receive such an original and well-designed gift, and even effective for the use of a home-made family game alongside the Chanukah candles.

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