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Eilat Stone

Eilat stone is an elegant and gorgeous type of stone that will stimulate the love feelings in your body. It can clear negativities that are inside your mind and body from the negative chakras that you can get in your environment. Through using Eilat stone, wearing it in the form of a necklace or bracelet, it will help you to wash away all the negativities in your life and will change it with some positive thoughts.

Eilat is a type of stone that is known for having the power for psychic protection, so it is recommended for all of us to wear this type of powerful stone. This stone also can cleanse your surroundings from the negative energy you might experience. Eilat stone is composed of mixed minerals that will combine both the emotions and your mind. This process will not just help you to have a higher level of your mind, but also protecting your spiritual energy from the evil elements that might harm you.

Wearing an Eilat stone may also develop your psychic abilities, which we call the psychic gifts including psychic visions and intuition, which are commonly known as clairvoyance.

Why You Should Use Eilat Stone

Eilat stone is a crystal that can feel it strong vibration when it was placed beside you. I am sure that you will be surprised at the things that it can give to you once you purchase and use it with your everyday life. This crystal can connect directly to your heart, and in your higher heat chakra or thymus, thus you will be able to feel the strong vibration of the energy of the said crystal.

A person purchased her Eilat stone and placed it on a shelf near her desk on her office. After a while, she began to feel a strong vibration of the stone. After some hours, she then realized that the strong vibration she felt is from the Eilat stone she purchased. The vibration will continue until it reached its work, which is to combine the energy of your thymus chakra, your throat chakra and the energy of your heart. The vibration slowly lowers its vibration time after time. It is only because her spirit and body start to adapt to the feeling of the Eilat stone.

 It is effective and efficient if you are going to have some meditation using your Eilat stone, which enable the stone to start its work.

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