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Star of David Jewelry

Star of David, also referred to as the “Magen David,” is accepted to be related with the insignia on King David’s shield. However, its long history of having this symbol or image of Judaism and Jewish pride isn’t that clear at all. The Star of David has become the most distinctive and also a clear indication for all Jewish people. As it can be seen on most synagogues and Jewish homes, it clearly explains it all.

This symbol had also been used in the flag of Israel and the logo of Magen David Adom, a national emergency service. This star had been highlighted in many gems adornments and jewelry like ring and necklace. Just imagine how many people had purchased those adornments and had their Star of David jewelry. With this, it has dependably been a recognizable Jewish image, yet this isn’t the situation. The widespread usage of this symbol happened right after World War II. That time, it was referred to only as Jewish image.

In a more profound point of view aside from owning a Star of David jewelry, the symbol’s significance got a bit complicated when it comes to Jews and Hebrews. The Jewish individuals consider it to be a defender and shield as got from the term Magen David. Their convention considers the image as the shield of King David since Jewish standard sources have articulated his shield taking the state of a six-pointed star. As held by mainstream thinking, this unusual shape could draw assurance after King David, alongside his military, making them win every one of their fights at last.

Although the symbol is highly recognized to be a significant Jewish symbol, it is always getting linked to another star. It is called the Seal of Solomon, another kind of symbol that is a six-pointed star. Solomon is an incredible and savvy lord that left a great heritage. As the book of scriptures lets us know, he was King David’s child who constructed the main sacred sanctuary in Jerusalem. He always wears a mysterious ring. It is said that Solomon’s capacity to control evil spirits and defeat hindrances were credited to his ownership of the ring.

The Star of David has been a restrictive Jewish image that had banned people from using until the 19th century. People will not be making and owning Star of David jewelry if it is still a restricted image until today. The research proposes that in the medieval times the Star of David was a typical device in different religious services and was utilized to battle insidious spirits and evil presences crosswise over various conventions.  

In the cutting edge world, numerous people and gatherings gladly put on Jewish adornments, particularly the Star of David jewelry. Regardless of their age, sexual orientation, and economic well-being, men, ladies, and adolescents, they wear jewelry that has a great symbol. This symbol has a different meaning when used in a particular accessory.

If the symbol was used as a pendant to a necklace, it is a representation of Jewish people. This also shows how the wearer, patronize their country. It holds the history of the Jews in terms of the past years they have fallen and stood up. It gives the assurance of our savior Yeshua will rise and save us from this world full of sins.

When the symbol is seen in the ring, it tells more about the faith of the wearer. It is said that it signifies the person’s faith and relentless commitment to God. As for earrings and bracelets, aside from it symbolizes how you expressed your faith as a Jew, it also symbolizes that you are the son of Israel who dedicated his own life with faith to Him.

This fantastic jewelry made and design with the symbol has that strong symbolism of Jewish heritage and culture. It is also a way to express confidence, commitment, and faith. There are several Jews all over the world have likewise thought about the Star of David as an image of their relationship with Israel. It is like even if they are not in their land of origin, with that symbol, it serves as a reminder that through it, the love for the country and faith to God will always be in their hearts.


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