Passover Hand Towel

In the Seder, the whole extended family sits around the table like sons of kings. We take out all our beautiful tools and rejoice in the joy of redemption of our holy people.

As part of the royal atmosphere, you will find white quality towels on this page, with a colorful embroider for Passover. Such as “Urchatz” or the order of the Seder night “Kadesh Urchatz yachatz etc.” Also on the towels can be found artistic embroidery of Jewish motifs symbolizing abundances, such as pomegranates, grapes, and paintings of built Jerusalem.

The towels are the size of a hands towel and are intended for use after taking hands during the holiday meals when you arrive at the Netilat Yadayim part. It is a simple and clean product, artistically designed, and suitable for anyone who likes to Think big Until the small details of the holiday atmosphere

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