Wooden Kiddush Cup

At Mount Sinai, we heard the words of Hashem to Israel: “Remember the Sabbath day for His holiness,” which means that the holiness of the Sabbath must be remembered in the Sabbath, during the Kiddush, and on Saturday night – in Havdalah. Chaza”l said that This should be done on a glass of wine.

As all the mitzvot, we also command the kiddush commandment “Ze Eli Veanvehu” – make the Mitzvah of the Kiddush in a beautiful and adorned cup, just as you can find on this page Handmade wooden Kiddush cups, most of them with delicate and unique artistic paintings. All the kiddush cup are can be a special decorative decoration for your festive Shabbat table.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov wrote that man’s faith is measured by his willingness to spend money on mitzvot (Likutey Moharan, 23). And that a beautiful cup for consecration is the virtue of economic blessing. All this besides the endless spiritual wages that every spiritual commandment has.

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