Metal Mezuzah

G-d commanded in his teachings “And you wrote about the mezuzahs of your house and your gate” – the foundations of the faith must be written on the doorways of the house doors in the mezuzah. The mezuzah itself is parchment made of pure animal leather, written in dedicated ink a 2 Parshiyot with the content of faith; “Shema” and “Vehaya Im Shamoa”. The mezuzah is written by an expert writer, well versed in halakha and Yere Shamayim.

The mezuzah reminds us of the belief in G-d even within our family lives at home, and on the other hand – the mezuzah is the tool to Continue on our home a guardian and divine providence row.

The Torah teaches; “The Eli Veanyehu” – be beautiful before Me in Mitzvot. which means that all Mitzvot we do, must be done and wrapped in beautiful, high-quality materials, Such as putting the mezuzah inside a metal designed mezuzah found on this page.

The Sages teach that every action of “Hidur of the mitzvah” or “residue of the mitzvah” (= additions around the mitzvah itself, such as buying a beautiful mezuzah house) Causes the result of spiritual wages, and also material wages – a blessing in “Banee Chayey and Mazoni” (= in livelihood, health, and birth) And in Mezuzah mitzvot, there is also a special virtue of blessing from G-d when buying or building a new home

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