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What’s a Mezuzah case?

The variety is endless – a reflection of devotion Jews and this love lavish on each object that is holy. We recommend purchasing a Mezuzah case to gift to a friend, acquaintance or relative. Considering that the affixing of the scroll on a house or office is usually accompanied by a party, it’s a purposeful and lovely Housewarming gift. May it continue to link every individual to our chain of tradition bringing depth and beauty. From these words that were terse law has generated hundreds of regulations specifying the scroll ought to be ready. A Jewish scribe conversant with the legislation writes this text on kosher parchment using a kosher quill’s 22 lines. The text contains 713 letters and every letter will be checked to ensure it is in the formation until a certification is received by the parchment. It’s related anyone celebrating Mitzvot was trampled underfoot and that some years after the destruction of the Second Temple when Israel was ruled by the Roman Empire, Jews were persecuted.