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Sabbath Candlesticks

We offer a wide assortment of Sabbath candlesticks, such as a range of prices that are attractive and modern and traditional styles in brass, brass, silver, and other materials.

The Light at the End of the Week

The Sabbath is the refuge toward which we operate and the start to your week, the end and the remainder from which we start. In observing the Sabbath, the things we use are just like a prayer which we take in ritual observance and our hands again. Maybe you want to make a presentation to a family, or it’s time to buy a set of candlesticks for your family. Jewish .shop has a large selection, from candlesticks to creations that are modern, to journey candleholders.

Among the most iconic and pieces of Judaica is complete without at least one set of Sabbath candlesticks. For centuries artisans have been inventing new styles of materials and candlesticks to use to help families bring the light of the Sabbath.