Challah Knife

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Challah knife

In honor of the Holy Sabbath, when the whole family gathers at the Sabbath table, after the Kiddush and “Netilat Yadayim”. As part of the Sabbath honor and the beauty of the Sabbath table – we suggest using a fancy knife for cutting the Challah in clean and tidy shape, to all The people that sitting on the table

The Torah teaches; “The Eli Veanyehu” – be beautiful before Me in Mitzvot. which means that all Mitzvot we do, must be done and wrapped in beautiful, high-quality materials,

And we also learned that on Shabbat there are two things: “Oneg Shabbat” in mini-pleasures and delights on Shabbat itself, and “Shabbat honor” in the proper preparation of all The dishes and the house before Shabbat. A designed knife for cutting began – it part of  Sabbath honor and Hidur Mitzvah

On this page you will find a variety of Challah knives: knives with a wooden or metal handle, with a colored or classic handle, all in wonderful and unique designs. You can also adjust the knife to the Challah board and Challah cover. So, apart from being an effective tool to use every Shabbat, the designed Knife is a decorative decoration for your Shabbat table.

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