Tallit Clips - Tallit Holders

Tallit clips

tallit clips – comfortable, cheap. From the house of a Jewish.shop – you are invited to order us with beautiful and beautiful tallit clips.

The tallit clips is a product designed to hold the tallit (prayer shawl) in place and to prevent it from falling from the shoulders following the various body movements. This allows for a more relaxed prayer, without having to pay attention to what happens with the tallit.

Tallit holders are usually made of durable materials, but at a very affordable price, and come in many shapes, shades, and motifs.

Many people buy the tallit clips not only because of the comfort they provide, but because they just look beautiful, and for them, it is even considered a mitzvah.


Tallit holders can come in circle, triangle, square and virtually any shape.

The main designs are around religious motifs such as the Star of David, the Tablets of the Covenant, the Stones of the Breastplate, the Ten Commandments, and more.