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Tallit Gadol, the ultimate Jewish garment.

The tallit (prayer shawl) is a square garment, made according to Jewish law. The talit has four wings; each wing has a tzitzis. In the Torah, HaShem commands men of the Jewish people to wear a garment with four wings, and four tzitzits, one tzitzit for each corner (wing).

Sapir TallitWhat is the difference between a Tzitzis and a Tallit?

The mitzvah of tzitzis divided into two parts: one is a tallit katan (small talliths), and the other is a talit gadol (big talit). The prayer shawl we are presenting here is the tallit gadol. The tallis is worn exclusively by men and comes in a variety of colors and shapes.

Why don’t Women wear Tallith?

The reason why men only wear the Tallits (Jewish prayer shawl) is that women according to the Torah and Kabbalah more spiritually corrected than men, and the mitzvah of tzitzit is intended to fix men’s souls in a way that is, in women, already corrected.

Why is the Tallit made of wool?

The Torah instructs the Jewish people to wrap themselves in a tallith (tzitzit), and in the Oral Torah, The Shulchan Aruch says that it is preferable to wrap himself in a woolen Tallit. According to Halachah, it is good to use a prayer shawl made 100% of wool without any mixture of other fibers.

When do you wear tallit?

The talit is worn almost always in the morning prayer (Shacharit prayer). The talit wore by men who have reached bar mitzvah age. The Ashkenazi Jews wear the Tallith only after they get married. There are special times when men wear a prayer shawl: during Yom Kippur (also at night time), during Mincha prayer during fasts, and of course, and also Hazzans.

Why are there different types of tallitot?

There are other different types of tallitot, which customarily designed according to Chabad or Yemenite custom, and the rest of the prayer shawls are mainly the same, yet differ in color, and this is already a matter of character and personal taste.

Why wear a tallit and tzitzit?

Hashem, instructs us to wrap ourselves in tzitzis. Rashi says: Tzitzit is equivalent to all the mitzvot. Thus the person remembers his creator and does not sin against HaShem.

wool-black-tallitBuying a Tallith– our recommendation

We first recommend asking a rabbi; your rabbi will guide you if there is a kind of prayer shawl that you need to purchase. If the rabbi told you that you do not have a unique custom, you could buy any Tallith you wish.

Light blue thread

There are certain opinions today, some in certain Hasidic sects like Ruzhin, who believe that the biblical tekhelet found. You can see in the product pages the option of adding a light blue thread. For other opinions, such as that of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu (and others who follow the Zohar), it is forbidden to use tekhelet thread, because the Zohar says that the techeiles will not reveal until the coming of the Messiah, and therefore the thread of tekhelet today is not the original techeiles.

Tallit definition and meaning:

A tallith is a rectangular garment with four strands of tzitzit. The Tallit is worn by men during prayers in the synagogue. There is also a special prayer shawl that called “Tallit Katan”, which is worn on a regular basis on the body, in order to fulfill the mitzvah of Tzitzit throughout the day. Halachically speaking, the tallit is a tashmish mitzvah.

A tallit made of wool

The Tallit is usually made from pure wool since according to the Shulchan Aruch, only a garment made of wool is bound by the mitzvah of tzitzit from the Torah. The obligation to impose tzitzis on other garments made of synthetic yarn, according to certain opinions, is only rabbinical. However, they make acrylic and silk tallitot.

The source of the commandment was written in the Torah:

… “And they made them tzitzit on the wings of their garments for generations” (Bamidbar 15: 38-72)

What is the purpose of the mitzvah of tzitzit?

The purpose of the commandment, as reflected in the Torah, is to make a person remember all the mitzvot, and to distance him from giving up after the heart and the eyes, that is to keep him away from evil deeds. The Tallit isolates the worshiper from his surroundings and makes it easier for him to concentrate in prayer.

The custom of Ashkenaz

In Ashkenazic communities, it is customary to wear a Tallit only after the wedding. The source of the custom is the study of the juxtaposition of the parashiyot of ‘strands shall you make to’ and ‘that man shall take a woman’. On the other hand, the Mishna Berura, which was adopted with great affection among most of the great Ashkenazi sages, came out against this custom and wrote that “it is a strange custom” as it says: “Until he married a woman, he would sit down and remove the matzot of Tzitzit ?!”, and for this reason, the unmarried men wear a tallit katan.

The custom of the Sephardi and Yemenite communities

The custom of the Sephardim is to wrap themselves in a talit from the Bar Mitzvah age and even before that. In the Yemenite communities, it is customary to wear a tallith from the age of education (age 5 or so). In Yemen itself all the Jews wrapped themselves in a prayer shawl all day long, while outside their home the Tallit was folded in a narrow fold and placed on their shoulders when they were there. In Israel, the custom was completely abolished.

Size Chart

Height (in cm) Recommended
Bar Mitzvah (120-150) Sizes 45-55, depending on the height of the bar mitzvah. 110/160, 120/170 and 130/185
Graduate (160-175) 55-140-140 cm
Graduate (170-180) 60 – 140/185 cm
Adult (180-185) 70-85/185 cm
Adult (185-195) 80-170/190 cm
High (195 onwards) 90 – 180 cm

It is recommended to first measure the purchase of the Tallith, and thus to get ready to buy the new tallit.

Where do you buy a kosher Tallit?

You are invited to buy a tallit gadol or tzitzis

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