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Tefillin bags – Buy Tefillin Bag Online 

Every God-fearing person is looking for a way to keep his tefillin from being damaged. The best tefillin bags stand before you – in all colors, sizes and manufacturers.


The tefillin bag might seem like just a mini version of the tallit bag, but it’s perhaps much more special. Several classic Jewish texts say that the tefillin bag has the potential to become a holy object because it holds the tefillin. The tefillin are the leather boxes strapped to the arm and forehead during weekday morning prayers. They contain pieces of parchment printed with passages from the Torah. The pieces of parchment are sacred objects. Some authorities hold that the tefillin straps themselves are also sacred, which would make the bag that holds them holy, too. In fact, the Mishnah, a collection of commentaries on the Torah, says that the tefillin bag is one of only four objects that are important enough to be carried out of a burning synagogue on Shabbat; important enough that a person can break the Jewish laws that otherwise would prevent them from carrying objects outside on Shabbat. The other objects are a Torah scroll, a Torah wrap, and the tefillin themselves. This tefillin bag is a simple-to-make project with a very special purpose

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