Colored metal Tzedakah box

Metal colorful Charity box

Charity mitzvah is one of the most important mitzvot in the Torah, between man and place and between man and his friend, and on which the general salvation depends as it says “Betzedaka tikonani”, and many of the salvation of man comes through the act of Tzedaka and giving to others, as the sages say: “charity will save from death”.

The Sages taught us to practice and give a few coins to charity every day, before prayer, and at other times. to get used to ourselves, and the rest of the children – to a state of good hart, generosity, and giving to one another, while strengthening the belief and confidence that all our money and financial gain is only By the power of G-d.

Like all other mitzvot, the mitzvah of charity also has the rule that “The Eli and Anvehu” that the mitzvot should be made from good and beautiful tools To show respect the mitzvah and our love for the name.

One rich man came to Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu zatza”l and asked him if he could give his tithe from the revenue (Maasrot) by writing a check. the Rabbi answer: yes you can, but buy a respectable gold pen, and the checks you write to charity – write only at this fancy pen, in purpose to do the Tzedaka in Hidur. ”

On this page, you will find a variety of colorful metal charity boxes designed by an artist. in various sizes, colors, and shapes, in which you can fulfill the daily charity mitzvah in a Hidur way.

The charity boxes that you can find on this page are so well designed and beautiful that it can also be considered a beautiful decoration to home.

You can also be purchased charity boxes to put in a synagogue and other public places and to entitle many people



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