Challah Board

Challah board

In honor of Holy Sabbath, when the whole family gathers at the Sabbath table, after the Sabbath Kiddush. As part of the Shabbat dignity and the beauty of the Sabbath table, it is recommended to use a designed plank to cut on it the challah of Shabat and give to all people on the table, in a clean and neat manner.

The Sages learned from the verse “It is Eli VanAwho” – that we need to do the mitzvot with fine tools and in the best possible shape.

On this page you will find a variety of Challah plank: a brown timber plank of original wood, a plank painted in artistic colored paintings, with room for salt and more. So, apart from being an effective tool to use every Shabbat, the plank designed for Challah is a decorative decoration for your Shabbat table.

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