Embroidery Mezuzah

At the entrance to every room in the house, we putting a kosher mezuzah. The mezuzah is an important commandment that we mention several times a day, designed to strengthen our home’s connection to G-d. And it has the power of godly protection of the house and its inhabitants when written according to the halachic grammar and with the necessary intent.

The mezuzah itself is a parchment made of pure beast leather, on which is written the affair of “Shema” and “Vehaya Im Shamoa” in a dedicated black ink for the writing of the Holy Scripture by writer deliberate worked for Mitzvah.

The Torah teaches; “The Eli Veanyehu” – be beautiful before Me in Mitzvot. which means that all Mitzvot we do, must be done and wrapped in beautiful, high-quality materials, such as the Mezuza-house that you can find on this page; metal Mezuzah with artist-made colored embroidery. Apart from mezuzah Mitzvah, you will also receive great decorative decoration for your new home.

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