Besamim box

Besamim box for Havdalah

On this page, you will find a Besamim Box for Havdalah, designed uniquely by an artist. Made of special colored metal. Some also include decoration of the city of Jerusalem or the inscription “Bore Miney Besamim” on the tool.

A unique way to complete the Mitzvah of “Remember the Sabbath day to be holy” as the interpretation of Chaza”l that we need to Remembering the Holiness of the Sabbath, in the sanctification of the Sabbath night and Havdalah on a cup of wine

This product, too, is actually “Additions to the Mitzvah,” as it is written, “The Eli Ve Anvehu” that we need to be flaunted before Hashem with mitzvot wrapped and made beautifully and fine materials.

all the additions to the mitzvah, besides the wonderful spiritual wages, also have wages and the ability to influence the physical reality of our lives in this world.

You can be combined with a matching cup of Kiddush.

Or otherwise: You can purchase as a gift for a festive family Shabbat (Shabbat Bar Mitzvah or Seven Greetings) as a beautiful and honorable souvenir for guests.

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